A little introduction about why and how to get right size bra for you!

What do you think of your bras? Do you think they are necessary evil, a cause of inevitable discomfort and you’d rather do without them at all? Do you have a feeling that  your breasts look somewhat strange in bras you have? Or perhaps you feel bad with the size that you were given at a lingerie shop? Do you put off shopping for bras over and over again because you know you’ll come back empty handed and furious. Or you may have an impression that you have never actually had a good bra and that this piece of garment is an invention out of hell?

Most women, unfortunately, are  not aware that something is wrong with their bras and even if they are, they usually blame their bodies and breasts for the problem.   Well, I did it myself too… I lived most of my life in a Bra Matrix, thinking (like most of the population) that  cup A means small breasts, B – breasts that are slightly bigger, C cup – well, quite big, D – very big. I used to think that bra underbands started at 70 and went to 90 (perhaps 95). I also used to think that I have big breasts as I had to wear 75D and it was too small – I also blamed my boobs for being too big, for not fitting into what was available in shops. Practicing sports was painful and uncomfortable as my breast were not properly supported by bras that I had. But more or less a year ago  I was given a red pill to awaken from this Matrix reality me and my breasts were pushed in (as says Katinkowa from Stanikowy Matrix – one of many Polish blogs about bras and bra-fitting). It completely changed my way of looking at bras. It changed the size that I wear. Now I feel comfortable – I know I can do anything and my breasts will stay inside the cups and nothing will spill making me look as if I had 4 breasts instead of just 2, I know the bra won’t move around my body, I know the underwires won’t poke into my breast tissue either. I know the straps won’t dig into my shoulders even though I can wear quite thin ones with my new size. I know I won’t suffer from back pain due to weight of my breasts too now that they are properly supported. Can you ladies, with your hands on your hearts, say the same?

I came to live in Portugal several months ago and from the very start I was able to notice that almost all of you must feel very uncomfortable in your bras. It’s quite easy to spot for a trained eye (and even untrained eye can sometimes see that that something is not right). With the coming of summer, when everybody starts to wear light clothes it’s even more visible.

Will you take a red pill and read on? As  members of an online communies of big and small boobed women (Lobby Biusciastych and Lobby Malobiusciastych) and  participants of endless discussions of blogs of Stanikomania (Bramania) and Balkonetka I and my friend Bromba would like to share all the knowledge we gathered there. We would also like to invite you to join this online comminity of women with well ftted bras irrespective of the actual size of breasts. To give you links to really ingenious articles written by Kasica in her blog of Stanikomania, more articles by Mauzonka from Balkonetka, size charts, how to measure yourself and to calculate a bra size etc etc. This blog will be written in English, I hope it will be convenient enough for you. Unfortunately I don’t speak Portuguese yet.

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