How to put on a bra correctly?

Ok, you already know how a bra should and shouldn’t fit you. Now I want to describe how to put it on correctly, not just squeeze your breasts into the cups (that are usually to small).

Ladies, don’t laugh? It may seem stupid, but it’s quite a serious matter.

Only putting it on correctly can show you if a given size is good for you or not. Take a look at this pair of photographs from Polish blog Stanikomania by kasica_k (

 hot to put onjpg

Both photographs show a girl wearing exactly the same size, continental 70A. However, there’s a difference.  On the right photograph the bra is put on correctly which clearly shows that it’s too small – you can see the bulging even through her clothes. Quoting from another Kasica_k’s article: “We think that putting a bra means fastening the hooks and putting on straps. And if our breasts don’t look like flattened pancakes, we don’t have to look for them in the cups or they don’t fall completely out of them, we think it’s ok”. Well, it’s not

Putting on a bra is not putting it on your breasts. It’s the opposite – you have to put your breasts into it, exactly into the cups. There are a lot of instructions how to do it online, but the most important thing is to make the bra fit you correctly and support your breasts, or to recognize a wrong size.

Here’s the way that Kasica and other Polish bra fitters came up with (it’s based on the one made by the British online lingerie store:

  1. Bend down. Adjust the straps to the maximum length and fasten the underband (if you can’t do it on the back, do it on the front and turn it around without straining it too much). Put on the straps on your shoulders.
  2. Straight up. Make sure the bra is not too low, the underwires should be on your ribcage just under your breasts. Now, an important thing –  put your right hand into the left cup and gather all the breast tissue from under your armpit (and even your back) into the cup, at the same time hold the left underwire with your left hand. Repeat the procedure on the other side.
  3. Make sure the underband is horizontal. Hold both underwires with your hands, bend down a bit and gently shake the bra to allow your breasts to lie comfortably in the cups. Straight up.
  4. Adjust the straps. You may need to slide them down to do it. They should support your breast slightly without putting too much pressure on the shoulders.

 Did you try with your bras??? What was the result???

 One more important thing, imagine you try on a bra for the first time, in a changing room in a lingerie store or at home (in case you bought a bra online), you followed this 4step procedure and everything seems fine, the bra fits correctly. Hurray!!!   Wait a moment! Remember it has to fit you correctly all day, not only when you remain straight in front of your mirror.

Give it a crash test: jump around a bit, bend down and straight up, raise your arms – just do some “gymnastics”.  Does the bra still fit? If it does, lucky you, you have a good bra. If not, well, you have to exchange it and try another size.

Of course you don’t need to do the whole procedure every time you put on a bra – especially if it’s a one you already use.

Remember that those of us who maltreated their breasts with very incorrect sizes may have a lot of this breast tissue that “escaped” from its rightful place – it just needs to be “convinced” to come back. That’s why this gathering movement from the second step is so important. Do it and your breasts will reward you – they will  get  much better shape, they may also become slightly bigger, your measurement under breast may become narrower…. There are a lot of women in Polish bra fitting online communities that experienced this phenomenon after changing from incorrect size to a good one. We call it  “migration”. Just have a look at this article from Stanikomania:   Scroll it down till the last paragraphs. The photos there show this positive change. But don’t exaggerate with this gathering movement, not everything under your armpits is “boobs on the run”, don’t stretch this delicate skin too much.

I used fragments of Kasica_k’s note from Stanikomania “Jak zalozyc stanik”

One response to “How to put on a bra correctly?

  1. Ive learned this since posting my bras and fitting concerns on lone with Bratabase. certainly made a difference and helps the wires into the right position. Method rescues several garments I was going to toss

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