Bra-fitting communities, part 1

  Lingerie, bras and bra-fitting may seem a not very serious subject to write a blog about. However there are already a lot of communities and blogs about it. In most of previous articles I was mentioning Lobby Biusciastych (Big-Boobed Women’s Lobby), Stanikomania and Balkonetka , and they are not the only ones. There are much more… I would like to start introducing online brafitting communities with Polish Lobby Biusciastych (Big-Boobed Women’s Lobby) and a sister forum – Lobby Malobiusciastych ( Small-Boobed Women’s Lobby).

Big Boobed Women’s Lobby was set up by butters77 in 2005. Its main function was to help big boobed women find nice and well-fitted bras. At the beginning participants of the forum were sharing information about shops where they could find nice bras with cups bigger than D. But lack of full range of sizes in shops wasn’t the only problem the forum was trying to deal with. It was also incompetance (and arrogance) of shop assistants who were saying that “sizes bigger than D don’t exist” or “if you want an F cup you can only get 90F”. What do you think were the results of such an approach? “Apart from having to wear unfitting and uncomfortable bras for years, a lot of women were forced into believing that their breasts were “abnormal”, “overgrown” ,“outsized” as they didn’t fit into “standard”… This was what the Lobby wanted to fight with, these stereotypes stating that a big breasted woman is always fat or that cups F, G or H are gigantic or push-up bras are the best for small breasted women.” says butters77.

 It soon turned out that there are quite a lot of big-boobed women… What’s more, it turned out that small boobed women also have problems with well-fitting bras, so the Lobby started to be a place of exchanging information about bra fitting as such. However, later on it started to be apparent that small breast have slightly different needs than big breasts. Cuts of bras that were good for big breasts were not always perfect for small breasts etc. That’s when Small-Boobed Women’s Lobby was created, 3 years after the creation of Big Boobed Women’s Lobby.

That was a few words about history. Now let’s talk about numbers:

  • – 4 years from the start the forum already reached 200000 posts, the younger forum is close to 50000;
  • – the thread “what bra size should I wear” where experienced brafitters advice “novices” has its 43 part, each part  having 500 posts, the forum for small breasted women has 14 of them;
  • – there’s a thread listing all bra manufecturers were users share their experiences of wearing particular bras;
  • – there are threads about good “real” lingerie stores and online shopping;

The participants of the forum “lobby around” spreading the knowledge about brafitting anywhere they can – female relatives, friends, etc. They also do it in a more “organised” way at bra fitting events in shops, schools, local community centres etc.

What’s more, the forum started to be noticed by press and media. So far there have been more than 40 articles in the press and TV or radio appearances where the subject of bra-fitting, the Lobby and other brafitting blogs showed up. The topic of bra fitting has been appearing repeatedly in women’s magazines too. Polish bra manufecturers noticed the force of the Lobby either – more and more of them are widening their range of sizes by introducing small bands like 60 and 65, and also cups bigger than D… reaching up even to something as “exotic” as cup J and higher… (remember though that continental J is much smaller than British J cup). There are more and more lingerie shops offering full range of sizes too. Last year especially there was a real “explosion”of them. More than 20 new shops, both real and online were set up, apart from that ones that already existed which opened new branches. If you didn’t check out a bra-map of the world, do it now and see how many there are… Despite all these positive changes there’s still a lot of ignorance and some women still have a terrible time buying bras in quite a lot of shops. However, remember that 4 years ago there was almost nothing in Poland… Well, maybe two brands…

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