Bra fitting blogs and communities, part 2

There are a lot of blogs and and quite some forums about bra fitting in Poland as well as in other countries. I already introduced two of these communities to you – Big-boobed women’s Lobby and Small-boobed women’s Lobby. Today I would like you to meet kasica_k – author of Stanikomania (Bra-mania – “booby” state of mind)– the blog I was mentioning a lot of times in my previous notes. The blog that won for “the blogger of the year 2007” in “life” category as well as came first the internauts’ vote. It got the second place in the same contest the following year. In “Blog of the year” contest organized by a different website (, Stanikomania got to the finals and was nominated for the first place twice, however it didn’t win.

Here’s what kasica_k herself says about her blog (very modestly – in 3rd person;) ):

“Stanikomania (Bra-mania) – a blog set up in 2007 by a larger busted woman who wanted to share with others everything she has learned about bra-fitting and DD+-bras. Having gained a considerable popularity, the author was interviewed several times on tv and press, including daily newspapers and women’s magazines. This helped her convince thousands of women in Poland that “size does matter” and that a well-fitting bra is essential for comfort and good looks. She inspired many women to go into lingerie business or become proffessional bra-fitters. Her purpose is also to promote Polish companies and shops that produce or sell good DD+ bras so that every woman could easily get a properly fitted and nice looking bra. Some of them say that it is her who convinced them that it is a good idea to extend the size range and to start caring about their DD+ customers’ needs.”

Kasica writes about her passion – beautiful lingerie. She writes reviews of bras, after each one a good number of her readers tell themselves a mantra “I don’t need another bra, I don’t need another bra, I don’t need another bra….” She has a “busts alive” section where she demonstrates what happens to women’s figures after changing bra size – these articles are illustrated by real photographs sent by her readers. A lot of women got inspired to change their bra size after reading them indeed as the differences are striking. Some of these articles are also available in English – with more to be added (hopefully soon). She writes about what is available on the market and where– new collections or bargains and shops with full range of sizes. She also organises a “contest for sexiest bra” (2007 winner was Freya Arabella, in 2008 it was Masquarade Antoinette (D-G range) and Panache Sienna (GG+ range) ). As an author of a popular blog about bra fitting she was also asked for help creating a new Bra-fitter calculator application for iPhone. If you are interested just check out:

Stanikomania continues to be one of the most popular blogs about bra-fitting in Poland. This year it’s also taking part in “blog of the year” contest (organised by Onet – one of Polish popular websites). Who will you help kasica win this year?

edit:  Latest news: Stanikomania just won The Blog of the Year contest in “my hobbies and passions” category.  Congratulations:)  And here’s a link to a movie with a short interview with kasica_k done at the gala.

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