Bra fitting blogs and communities, part 3

 Having written about two main bra-fitting forums and the blog of Stanikomania I would like to continue introducing blogs related with this subject. Today it’s the turn of Balkonetka, “a place for happy breasts”, a blog set up by Mauzonka in March 2008. Balkonetka is a blog about lingerie. As Mauzonka says, she writes about types and cuts of bras – which are better or worse fitting, brands that are worth noticing (meaning with full range of sizes and the bras that are nice looking, well-constructed and good quality), places where you can buy nice lingerie etc etc. There’s also a seperate category on the blog about “Celebrities’ bra sins” – as you can guess, the articles there deal with pop and movie stars that don’t know how to properly dress their assets no matter big or small… Another thing that you can find on Balkonetka is a bra – search engine – Brafinity, which helps you find a given bra on British E-bay and Brastop. The latest initiative Mauzonka’s launching on the blog, is a survey for the Best Polish Online Lingerie Shop, Best Polish Lingerie Shop and Best Foreign Lingerie Shop.

Last spring Balkonetka gained new functionalities. First of all, you can log on to it and set up your profile with an avatar, signature and size. You also get your “drawer” where you can put photographs of lingerie (btw, some readers already demand a “wardrobe” saying a drawer is too small…). Why such a function? The readers of Balkonetka put photographs of themselves in various bras asking about opinion, if just bought bras are well fitting or not, like for example here: – this girl is not sure if the bra fits well , and the advice she gets suggest to try putting on the bra slightly higher or trying a different band size or also another cut of bra. Other photographs are there to show how a bra really looks on a woman’s body as photographs of lingerie in online shops are heavily retouched with graphic programs – example: . There are also photographs of clothes that fit well curvy women – meaning they have enough space for breast but at the same time they are not baggy at the waist, just like this dress from a Polish brand of Biubiu: Another “category” are photos showing badly fitted bras, which serve kind of “educational” function: The moment I’m writing this, the gallery of bras already has 216 pages , hosting more than 2000 photographs of bras and curvilicious clothes – so you can see how popular it is.

One more functionality that Balkonetka gained last spring is a forum where readers can discuss lingerie and other subjects. And the latest subforum – Bra Swap – where readers can sell bras that don’t fit them anymore, or ones that turned out to be unfitting from the very start.

To sum it up, Balkonetka can be the second most popular blog about bra fitting in Poland with its 15800 visits a month. I can only wish it more popularity and more readers (the same to myself;) )

2 responses to “Bra fitting blogs and communities, part 3

  1. @bfcidade many thanks for writing about balkonetka:)

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