Bra fitting blogs and communities, part 4

I was silent for a while though my original intention was to post a note every week… Almost 3 weeks have passed since I published the last article… Sorry for that, it’s just my laziness (and addiction to Plants versus Zombies) <oops> I needed a kick to get down to work;)  So, today I’d like to continue introducing Polish blogs about bra fitting.

The first one, 35plus ( ), the one that you can see in the blogroll is written by anna-pia who writes for women over 35 years old who had children, nursed and their breasts are not in tiptop form anymore. What you can find there are opinions and reviews of bras that are best for women of this age. Another blog with reviews of bras is , Nathd writes also about shopping for bras in different shops.

If you want to find out if a given bra is comfortable or not you should check out  (Comfortable and uncomfortable bras). The authors describe in a very detailed way bras that were impossible to wear for them for various and multiple reasons such as rough fabrics or too long underwires etc. (Boobperfection), a blog of ava.adore affirms cone shaped breasts but you can also find reviews of different brands of lingerie as well as advice about bra-fiiting (btw, this is something that you find virtually on every blog about bras written by Lobby Biusciastych users).

Owners of small breasts (but not only) may find reading “Small cup – oasis of small breasts”  and “Stanikowy Matrix” (Bra matrix) entertaining and educational. Ametyst89 and Katinkova, authors of these blogs, fight with stereotypes that are usually associated with small breasted women. One of these stereotypes says that they should only wear push-up bras otherwise they will have no breasts visible at all.

Even teenagers write blogs about bras and brafitting. Wera9954 is the author of Stanikologia (Bralogy)  trying to convince her peers (and whoever unaware reading her blog) to start wearing a correct size of a bra and also warning of consequences of wearing a bad one (a note: how to get yourself spaniel ears shaped boobs in 3 years).

Owners of lingerie shops write blogs too, an example can be, a blog of Agugabi – owner of The most of the contents of her blog though, are “technical” descriptions of bras that are available in her shop. What I mean by technical description is: the length and width of the U, the height and width of the centre gore, the depth of cups, the length of underband – unstretched and stretched to the maximum. These are very important details as all bras (even ones that are declared to be the same size) are different, as they are made of different fabrics, have different elasticity etc etc

These are definitely not all Polish blogs about bras and brafitting – there seemed to be almost an explosion of them recently. That is why I’d like to ask those who were not mentioned above to write about their blogs in the comments though. The authors of the blogs I wrote about can add something too, especially if they feel dissatisfied with my descriptions.

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