Bra-fitting blogs and communities, part 5

If you have been following the articles about bra fitting blogs and communities you may start to get an impression that this subject is popular only in Poland… It’s not entirely true… There are communities and blogs that you can join or read if you don’t speak Polish. I have to admit though, that several of them were set up by Polish women;)

Those of you who know German can check out: a forum about bra fitting for small and big breasted women. One of the mods of this forum, Aqua (ja_joanna on the Polish forum) says: “A lot of German women are very sceptical about tight bands and migration of boobs. But there are quite some who don’t believe at first, but they still try it and find out it works. Then they come back to the forum to admit it” The other one, Nirmena (aadrianka on the Polish forum) says:” The forum of Busenfreundinnen is growing very fast. We get a lot of thank you emails and post, which is very nice. We have a few very nice girls who learned how to advice about bra fitting and now help with moderating the forum”. My German is not really very good, I would rather say it’s very basic, so I don’t really follow what goes on on there, however I would like to thank you girls for linking to my blog:)

Another place which used to be a bra -desert is Czech but thanks to Vsechno o podprsenkach and Busthalter women there can also find out what a correct size of bra can do for their breasts. The lobbying even spread to Lithuania with the blog of Iskirpte. Those who speak French can check out where Polish lobbyists compiled and translated the basic rules of bra fitting.

 If you speak English only, there are also quite a lot of places you can visit. I suppose you have heard about Busts 4 Justice, a group of dissatisfied costumers who demand that Marks and Spencer should level the prices of G+ bras to the ones with smaller cup. Other ones in English that are worth visiting are: , Busting out, Thirty-two-D, Boobius Maximus and Knickersblog, the blog of eternal voyager on as well as 80B doesnt’ exist at

How does it sound to you? It seems that there are quite a lot of us even though I didn’t really mention everyody and every blog or community on the subject. What’s more, with time you can only expect more to appear. I know there are women who know their correct bra size and happen to live in Italy or Hungary who plan to popularize this subject there too…

5 responses to “Bra-fitting blogs and communities, part 5

  1. Thank you 🙂 It’s all true, what you wrote about my forum. It’s really growing very fast and we have more and more users learning virtual bra-fitting. It’s really cool, that we managed to infect German women with our bra-fever 🙂 and I hope, in the future we will also revolutionize the German bra-market, as we did in Poland. It needs still some time and also we didn’t manage yet to be represented in media, which was the important milestone for the Polish forum. But I am convinced, it’s only a matter of time and not the question “if”, but “when”. 🙂

    (Could you please change my name to Aqua from ja_joanna in your article? Since, it’s only my name in the Polish forum, but not in German one, and no one will be able to find me under that name in my forum :-), also aadrianka is not aadrianka but Nirmena 🙂 Thanks – if it’s not a problem for you.)

  2. Hey, thanks for including me ! Would be sweet and put a link as well ?
    Thanks !

    Also, the link to the French page doesn´t exactly work. But I´m so glad there is something in French !

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