What has a correct bra size given to me?

Why am I trying to convince you all to get a correct bra size? They are not even available at the shops… Why are all these women (and girls) writing their own blogs about bra fitting or setting up forums about the same subject? After all a bra is not really something that is visible under your clothes so why should you care about it???

Well, those of you who have been following my blog already know that the statement from the last sentence is not true. A bra does influence your silhuette even though it’s hidden, it also influences your comfort and also some other things that you may have not thought of considering them “normal”.

I would like to show you what the women from Big Boobed Women’s Lobby and Small Boobed Womens Lobby say about changing of bra size. Let them tell you what happeded to them, their breasts, figures and a general attitude to themselves after switching to their corrct bra size.

 Here we go:

 Aguchiak86 says: “I don’t have to push my breasts into cups whenever I bend down or jump. I look slimmer. I feel more confident. I don’t risk taking someone’s eye out when I work out at an aerobics class. My breast are firmer now, their shape has improved, stretchmarks got smaller.”

 Maheda says:” Before the “enlightening” I measured 87/120cm and shop assistants at Triumph lingerie stores were suggesting 90E or 95E. Do I need to say what I looked like in them? After some time of wearing these 90s and 95s I just had to tie them up on the back to get a little support. If I had to run anywhere I had to hold my breasts – otherwise it was jumping and jiggling in all possible directions. I had two deep, red groves on my shoulders that were always sore at the end of a day. I don’t even mention the hurting spine – it was a nightmare. I was beginning to dream about cutting off these overgrown breasts once and for all. They were not even resembling breasts, they just looked like flat dangling potato sacks. 

Now I’ve been wearing good sizes for more or less a year. My first impression – from the very start – my breasts are really high in this bra. Second impression – Gosh, I can run.  Other people were saying:” My God, you really got slimmer.” or “Excuse me for asking, did you … have a breast lifting?”(…) Generally my breasts look like breasts now. They are rounder firmer, the nipples are high. Soon I may even be able to wear halfcups.  And a funny thing, my breasts look smaller in good sizes…”

Maith says: “Before: When it turned out that a 75D is too small for me I was given an 80D. Or even 85D. What were the results? I had to adjust my bra continously as it just wouldn’t stay in one place, my breast were trying to escape under the cups (as the band was too loose). When I was running (for example to catch a bus) I had to hold my breasts to prevent them from jumping (it hurt). When I wanted to exercise I had to sew the bra on me to make it steady, The first thing that I did at home was to get rid of my bra because it felt uncomfortable. It was like a nightmare. 

After switching to a correct bra size, it suddenly turned to be immobile. Nothing moves now. I don’t need to adjust anything. The breasts have no chance of escaping from the cups. I just put it on in the morning and remove it in the evening before bedtime. I forget about it during the day – it’s so comfortable. And it supports my breasts. When I exercise I use a sports bra or my everyday bra if it’s a low impact activity. It’s enough.”

 The_mariska says: “ Bulges of fat that used to be under my armpits have disappeared (I thought they were the result of the fact that I’m fat). The cups don’t cut into my breasts making me look as if I had 4 breasts. I don’t need to shorten the straps to the maximum to have the breasts at the correct height and suffer from them digging into my shoulders. And these ugly groves are disappearing too. I stopped being frustrated shopping for a bra, Whenever I used to do it I ended up thinking I was looking hopeless after trying on thousands of bras in different stores. I dicovered other bras rather than push-ups and also the fact that I can look better wearing these soft ones. My roommates stopped laughing me because of my breasts “going for a walk”. And all of these because of you!:) You’re great!

Zefirelka says: “I look much better, slimmer and more proportional to my height. Even without a bra my breasts have a better shape. It’s easier now to buy fitting clothes. It’s a surprise actually, that now with my breasts higher more clothes fit me fell. I know that bras for me do exist and I don’t come back crying after shopping for lingerie anymore. I’m happier and more confident. I look better and I feel better because of it.

 Ganbaja says: “ I used to hate my breasts. These ugly, dangling huge sacks… I thought that the band rode up my back was because they were strange. I dreamt about breast surgery – wanted to remove them completely. When men were looking at them I felt really disgusted and pissed. I couldn’t run without holding my breasts with my hands, whenever I bent down they were spilling of the cups.  More, my skin was constantly chafed in summer.  Shame, shame. I’d only wear turtle necks and other concealing garments.  I used to hunch my back and have a lot of back pain.

And now?: I just love decolletage. I love my breasts. I wouldn’t even mind if they got bigger. I feel more confident. I’m still 10 kg overweight but I look better in every outfit. And everybody claims though that I look 8 kg slimmer. Isn’t it beautiful? And and I don’t mind men looking at my breasts anymore.”

Vesper_lynd says: “ The breasts are at its correct place, not lower (…) I suddenly discovered that I have a WAIST. My breasts are firmer and rounder. I’m so happy about it. And I didn’t believe it. At the age of 20 something (no kids) my breasts were sagging, I had stretch marks and bulges, It’s a year now since I got converted to wearing a correct size and the results are incredible – no bulges, they just disappeared. My frame measurement got smaller by 4 cm (I didn’t lose weight), the breasts grew from 98-99 to 102-103. They are round and firm.

Only advantages. As you said – without surgery, dieting, miracle lotions etc. Only a correct size of bra did it all.”

Aadrianka says:” Bulges under my armpits have disappeared. My breasts don’t move anymore too. Well, if I jump wildly then something may move a bit but now no bus will escape me. I say I wear a 65G. When everybody stares surprised at me and asks: “Eeeee, what???? How much?” I add: “ A British 65G, in continental sizing it’s 65J.” Even more surprised they say: “but you don’t have big breasts…”. I say: “ exactly” and leave them thinking hard (…)

Schaetzen says:” (…) Finally I have beautiful lingerie. I stopped thinking something must be wrong with me if I can’t buy a right size for me (…)

Antyka says: (…)I like buying lingerie now. I stopped thinking about breasts reduction. Stopped being jealous of otherwomen with smallerbreasts.   Well, there’s one disadvantege: I went into red…”

Effuniak says: “ I lost all my (old) bras. I just have one. But I got back my breasts, I have my first soft bra. My husband touches a sponge only when he bathes.”

 Asiabbasia says:” First advantages:  no spillage, no having to readjust the bra every moment (how could I have functioned like that), when I run I’m not afraid that my breast will fall out from the cups. I’more confident, I even start to like myself (even though I still have several kg more than I would like to).

Now for “negative advantages”:  where are my savings?!?!?!? (well, probably in my lingerie drawer – all these Masquaredes, Freyas and Panache bras)I’m starting to have an obsession about breasts, mine in particular.   Yes, I am obessed, I look at every women’s breasts trying to see if her bra is correct size. I got addicted to the forum.   I got addicted to shopping online (thus point no 1).

Larenata says: I used to wear a 75B, now I have 65E.  I stopped feeling bad about having small breasts – they are still quite small but they look much better.   I look much better in tight fitting tops.   My breasts are forgetting what gravity is.  They are firmer.  I feel good about buying bras online. When I asked for a band 65 in an average lingerie shop, the reaction was:”Yyyy, 65??? Do they exist? Aren’t they for teenagers?” or “ We have only 65A”.   And I have a mission, to educate women about bras so I talk about brafitting to anybody that is willing to listen,

Sylwiastka says:”Before I had much complex – I didn’t like and accept my breasts and body. I didn’t feel feminine. I used to cover my breasts with heavily padded push ups. I had to adjust my bras all the time.Now: complex about my looks is over. I’m young and I feel feminine, I like my body. I don’t have to adjust my bra. And I got to know what a great forum community means. Girls, you are fantastic!:)

Eriu says:”I started to like my breasts. They finally have a good shape and I don’t need to be ashamed of them. I love seeing myself in a mirror wearing a bra or without it. I started to feel more attractive in general too.(…) Thanks to the Lobby I’m discovering the world of soft, sexy bras I always wanted to have.”

Yaza0701: “Well, I’m only 18 years old but I already managed to harm my breasts. I used to wear only push-ups that were too small and were only flattening my boobs on the chest. I started to wear a correct size in August, I got 7cm of breast tissue back during 2 months and from what I see under my armpits it’s not over yet.  I was always the one with the smallest breasts in the class, I used to wear a 75A from Intimissimi and I never expected to wear anything more than heavily padded push ups. I didn’t like my breasts, it was ugly and was starting to sag . (…) Now? I’m just going to have a “studniowka” party at my school and I’m wondering what bra to buy for it. I’m really looking forward to a night of wild dancing knowing I won’t need to adjust anything and my decolletage will be stunning. I have bigger, rounder breasts. I migrated from 60D-DD to 60F-FF. If it wasn’t for the fact that it’s cold I would be wearing tight fitting tops with my new soft bras all the time. I just don’t know how I could have wasted all those years wearing push ups.  I’m not amused by seeing women with big breasts wearing incorrect bra sizes. I just feel like grabbing her and shouting:” Girl, change it! You’ll suffer! Get rid of this crap!” Each woman, big or small breasted, has become like a sister to me. Every male friend of mine gets a whack on the head if he happens to say something negative about any woman’s breasts. There are no untypical breasts, each of us is beautiful.”

Faforzyca says:”(…) Now I’m not afraid that when I take off my bra I take off my breasts too. Anyway, I always felt that wearing enhencing bras was just deceiving yourself and others.”

100krotna says:”(…) I’m starting to be narcissistic(…) I don’t wonder anymore what to buy to boost my mood – always a bra. (…) Men say:”If I were a woman I would touch my breasts all the time” – it seems I’m a man, I touch and touch them and it feels wonderful (or maybe I shouldn’t admit to it?)

Natashka says” (…) It’s better than a breast surgery, a change from 67/83-4 to 68/93. I just can’t believe it myself.” 

Yarshiva says:” My boobs are gorgeous. I’m so delighted with them. I would look at them in a mirror all the time and touch them:) I love you, girls, I love my breasts:) (…)”

Biljana says: “It’s the first time in my life that I have a soft bra and I do have breasts wearing it. And they are mine, it’s not a sponge from push ups (…) I feel really feminine and sexy. Apart from that the Lobby and bra fitting mission gives a sense of community and sisterhood. It’s a real feminizm”

There are many more statements from the already “converted to wearing a correct bra size”, you can find them here: http://forum.gazeta.pl/forum/w,32203,75213023,,Co_mi_dala_zmiana_rozmiaru_stanika_na_wlasciwy_.html?s=0 and here: http://forum.gazeta.pl/forum/w,50580,80316287,80316287,Co_mi_dala_zmiana_rozmiaru_stanika_na_wlasciwy_.html (if you happen to have somebody that speaks Polish next to you:) ) However there are over 300 post there so for obvious reasons I can’t quote them all here… Anyway I think I gave you a representative sample – from big, avarege and small breasted women who described not only the changes these bras did to their breast but also to their overall attitude to their body etc.

What do you think? Did the girls convince you that it’s worth trying?

Edit: I just found a nice thread on 32D  where a woman expresses her feelings after being fitted.

11 responses to “What has a correct bra size given to me?

  1. fromthewarmerpartoftheglobe

    I am from Indonesia and I’m afraid I’m using the wrong bra size but I have no clue on how to find the perfect bra for me. I have that “armpit fat” issue too (I’m not overweight) but I’m not sure I have enough breast tissue to “escape” from my bra. I can tell that if I have large breast, I will have that four breast issue. Can you tell we where on this earth can I find information about bra fitting for me (with wide base yet small bust) and how perfect bra looks like on a person like me? Oh I’m dying to know because there’s no place to find a professional to do the fitting for me here in Indonesia.

    • Click on bra fitting know tags on the right – all the articles about what is wrong, how it should fit, how to measure etc are there. There are 5 or 6 first posts on the blog. As for shopping, if there’s no real place with bra-fitting and all the sizes in Indonesia I suggest buying on line… (links to the most popular online bra stores on the right too) Here just a question – is your post reliable? Don’t they “lose” parcels in transit etc? If they don’t and if there’s not too much fuss with your customs then you can go ahead and order something – of course after reading tthe all theory from here;)

  2. fromthewarmerpartoftheglobe

    Unfortunately, the post in Indonesia is not reliable. Last time my friend sent me a package from the states and it arrived 3 months after she sent it. If there’s any article / blog you know that is more specific about bra fitting for small breasted women, please do tell me. Most of the articles/blogs I found are focusing on talks about bra fitting for bigger breasted women. Thank’s a lot for your informative blog 🙂

    • That sucks:( I mean the reliability of the post….
      As for blog/articles about bra-fitting for smaller breasts – the ones that I know are unfortunately in Polish… But anyway, the general rules of brafitting stay the same – what a good fitting bra should look like etc. you just may not need to go down on the back size so much, especially if you are already very slim and also small breasts don’t need so much support as bigger ones. Make sure the breasts are fully encircled by the wires – gather that “armpit fat” into the cups, the line of your breasts should be smooth with no bulging over the cups… Well, what else? Ah, the front gore should be sitting on the sternum and the back size should stay horizontal…
      If there are really such big problems with buying bras with small back sizes in Indonesia, you can try whatever band that is close to your regular size and has cups that are good for you and then play a little with a needle and thread… Unfortunately it may be the only thing that you can do if it’s not adviseble for you to buy online…

      • fromthewarmerpartoftheglobe

        My current band size is the smallest band size available in Indonesia, which is 32 or 70. I think it’s not a big problem because it stays horizontal at the back even though sometimes the cups ride up on to my breasts. Based on that calculator you recommend, I should be wearing 60C instead of my current 70B. Since 70 is the smallest band size I can get, I’ll just go up with the cup size then. Thank you so much for helping 🙂

      • If a 70/32 sometimes moves up on your boobs I would suggest doing like that: take a needle and a double thread, sew along the back of the band twice – on the bottom and on the top – it removes some elasticity from it and it’s easy even for somebody who is not a genius at sewing;) It’s quite important that the wires in the cups don’t go up on your breast (they do if the badn is too loose) – because they act somehow like a plane (this carpenter’s tool for smoothing wood), they just slowly cut of your breasts and flatten them around your chest, toward yoour armpits and back…:(

      • fromthewarmerpartoftheglobe

        Wow I never thought of that before. Just like most of the women around the world who are blaming their body, I always blame my boops for being too flat that the wires in the cups moves up easily. Thank’s a lot dear 🙂 Start sewing very soon *kiss*

    • These are the statements from real women and they can be found on the Lobby of Big and Small Boobed women, the adresses of the websites with the above are given, just “google translate” however imperfect it is.

  3. I love how you have made an article about this issue. Working in the lingerie industry i have noticed that this is such a big problem especially for young people and the correct bra size can do so much.

  4. This is my first time go to see at here and i am genuinely pleassant to
    read everthing at one place.

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