G and GG cups – do they always stand for “get a reduction”?

Internet and Youtube are full of stupid videos made by people who are complete ignorants about bra-fitting.  Just like this one for example:

It’s totally idiotic, and if you start reading the comments there you’ll come to the conclusions that 95% of them are even more moronic (let’s not be afraid to use this word) than the film itself.  What videos like these do is only to reinforce harmful stereotypes that having bra sizes with cups over DD is something strange, abnormal  etc.(here you can put any other negative adjective). Generally these stereotypes force women to wear bras with D or DD cups (which are considered “normal”) and much too wide bands. Even if any of these women who wear bad sizes happens to enter a store with a real bra-fitting, she’s often shocked to hear that she should wear a 34FF or 34G instead of 38D that she always used to wear, what’s more she may get hysterical saying – I can’t/don’t have such big breasts. And refuse to wear a correct size because of that. This is what we call a “letterphobia” – this fear of wearing DD+ cups.

We  fight with these painful stereotypes. The Lobby organises numerous bra-fitting events and members try to promote the idea wherever and whenever possible. I’d like to present you the latest initiative by butters77 G and GG busts. Dear ladies, look at this photograph.

The caption under the photo says: Don’t believe the stereotypes – G cup is a size like any other –   (biger photo in the link – you can zoom it more than twice there). The point is – all the women shown on it wear G or GG cups with different bands. What’s more, almost all of them wear British G/GG cups, which means if they wanted a continental bra size they would have to go for J, K or L cups

Are these huge, enormous breasts? No, as you can see they vary in size. There are some smaller breasts that sport 60G or 60GG and some bigger ones with 85G but none of them reaches the proportions that were show in this idiotic video from Youtube.

And the bras themselves. Aren’t they beautiful? There’s a huge difference between lingerie that you can buy in so called “normal” shops that don’t carry all the sizes and the ones that do have them available (no matter if they are online or real ones). The bras that I an M were given  when we were doing the research here in Lisbon didn’t even resemble  the ones from the photo by butters77. Frankly speaking they were ugly (though it’s also a matter of taste, and as they say, you don’t discuss taste) . And much more expensive than these colourful, lacy bras that we normally buy.

Ladies, take a look at your breasts. Look around yourselves too. Look at the breasts of your mothers, sisters, daughters, cousins, girlfriends etc. How many of you have similar busts but yet  choose to squeeze them into cups that are too small for them and bands that are much too wide and don’t provide support?

14 responses to “G and GG cups – do they always stand for “get a reduction”?

  1. Hi! I’m so, so glad that I found your site. I’m an American woman who just moved to Madrid, and I’m having a very difficult time finding any store that sells bras in my size. I’m a longtime fan of ‘online fitting,’ where I order a bra in several different sizes from HerRoom (like FigLeaves or Bravissimo, but in the U.S.), try them, and return or exchange the ones that don’t fit.

    However, I’m at a point where I really want to go to a store and try on bras in person. I can’t afford to keep putting these pricey bras on my credit card, even if I end up refunded for most of them. The interest is too great. Also, I don’t even know what size to get any more — over the past few years, I think I’ve gone from a 30FF to a 30G to a 30GG, except that it might be a 28, now; in which case I don’t know if it’s a 28G, GG, or H. I guess that would be a 60 band size, in Spain? But I might still be a 30,

    Do you know of anywhere in the city of Madrid, or even within an hour or two of it, that I could go to try on bras in person? Ugh, I’m terrified that a 60H may not even exist! I went to the gym hoping to build muscle and make my band size go *up,* not down!

    Either way, thank you again. This is a great site. I’ll be sure to come back to read more. Oh, if you link to useful blogs and fora, you might try http://thirty_twod.livejournal.com. It’s a very good forum for small-band, large-chest women.

    • 28 bands with cups over H do exist – check this out: http://www.lovebras.com/SearchPage.aspx?type=1&size=28HH&brand=&colour=&sectionid=&text=
      there should be also some Panache and Freyas available online – (how about british ebay), though not many… and these guys from Eveden think that +H cup with small bands means having sooooo huge boobs that the cups are built up to your neck….

      Unfortunately I don’t know any store in Madrid with full range of sizes – and I suppose it will be hard to find… Probably there’s none.
      However I have good news about Lisbon – there is a proper shop here. I’m going to write something about it tomorrow – they have a website – it’s already on the link list. Lisbon is just 4 hours drive from Madrid… They seem to have Panache, Masquarade and some Curvy Kate – however you have to call and make an appointment.
      I heard about thirty_twod – however I don’t have time to participate in all fora – it just takes time…

    • Hi…a message to Anne!

      Yes, I am also having an extremely hard time finding any bras that fit me in Madrid! I am a 34D but all the shops seems to stock only B cup bras. The amount of strange looks I have had from shop assistants when I have asked if their bras come in a D cup…oh my gosh they look at me as if I am an alien!

      If you have got any further info about good bra shops in Madrid please get in touch!

      • cocochelle, are you sure it’s a well fitted 34D?:) To be a real 34D your frame would need to be about 32-34 inches (80-85cm)wide and your breasts would have to measure 37,5 inches (94cm)… Check out previous articles about common mistakes, how about a bra should fit etc

      • Hello, Donna! Since I last posted, I’ve found a couple of good leads for bras, if you are still looking in Madrid. There’s a store on Calle del Arenal, close to the Plaza de la Puerta del Sol. It’s called Etam, and it’s a branch of a French lingerie store. They definitely had some 34s and some Ds, and even a few DDs. Also, again if you’re in the city centre, the huge El Corte Ingles in Sol has a great selection on its women’s lingerie floor. They don’t seem to have any bands smaller than a 34, but they have a very broad selection from that band size on up, and did offer me some cup sizes over D and DD.

        There is also a little lingerie store right by the La Latina metro station, which I believe is simply called “Corseteria de La Latina.” It’s been there since 1925 and specializes in large bras for large women — most of their stock is for very big women, but they did have some smaller bands with larger cups, down to a few 30s and 32s, and up to an F or a G. I think they would probably have a few bras in your size, and the ones they carry are definitely of a good quality, in brands that I recognize.

        Good luck! And if you find anything that carries sizes like a 28GG or 28H, pleeeease let me know. Thanks! 🙂

      • Hi Anne, it’s nice to hear from you:) Good that you found some shops that have something more than A-D cups, are they planning perhaps to widen their range of sizes? And how did they react when they heard what size you needed?
        I must admit though it’s pretty depressing to hear “34s and some Ds, and even a few DDs” etc. as if bras with such cups were something abnormal = D boobs are quite small in reality, especially when the letter is accompanied by a small band – look: http://www.balkonetka.pl/katalog/bra/la-senza-georgia the owner of the bra and breasts measures 30,5inches/36inches – the bra band is very tight, she doesn’t need to downsize on it.

      • Hello, ladies in Madrid – just got an email from Eveden – there are supposedly a lot of shops in Spain that carry their products – they say you just have to call 900 99 33 01 – toll free, to get a full list…

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  4. For the ladies in Madrid. I’m sorry nut you’re going to either make your own bras or order them only. Spanish women are mostly flat-chested trolls and their intolerance won’t help you find any bras either or take pity on you.

  5. Hi girls in Madrid, Sujerevolution is a shop carrying all sizes you are looking for. Her website is: http://sujerevolution.blogspot.com . Hope you find what you are looking for!

  6. So by this logic I’m a 28 G or H or a 30E (dd) or a F.

    I’ve gained weight since and I don’t look that big I just look average… Now why isn’t AA or AAA included?
    If they were included I’d be a 30F. Also I can’t attempt to say I’m an E(DD) that’s unbelievable no one would believe that.

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