Shopping for bras… part 1

If you have been following and reading all the articles that I posted from the very beginning you probably remember the one about bra-fitting in Lisbon lingerie stores. That day I and my friend M returned home empty-handed. However the most of the women that I see every day wear bras, so it means you do buy something in these stores. From other articles you know though that most of these bras are not your real size and don’t fit you well. What I wanted to ask you about today is if you already started looking for these “untypical” bra sizes in shops all over Portugal and what reactions you get from the shop assistants… I must admit, we didn’t really get any comments from shop staff (maybe apart from the fact that shop assistant’s eyes were opening wide when they heard our frame and breasts measurements), but we also didn’t really speak Portuguese at that time (actually we still are not proficient enough, what I can do best is order food and wine at a restaurant).

Polish bra lobbyists who try to carry the torch of “enlightment” into lingerie shops, as well as women who just look for a right bra for themselves but happen to be “untypical” often get reactions like these:

A client asks for 75E, a shop assistant replies:” I don’t have 75E, but I’ll give you 80D. It’s the same and it will be ok, I’ve been selling lingerie for many years and I know everything about it”.

Another example: A costumer in a shop asks for the smallest band and biggest cup that’s available – she gets a 70D. Sighing she decides to try it on hoping for impossible. The bra turns on to be to loose around the frame and cups are much too small. The shop assistant says: “You’re just complaining, just get a needle and thread and take it in. And if the cups are too small it means the bra is sexy”.

Well, we call this effect  “sexy bulges” – but don’t get us wrong, it is ironic…;)

Or a little dialogue like this:

Costumer: Do you have 65G?

Shop Assistant: But such sizes don’t exist.

C: They do.

SA: But not in Poland.

C: But they do exist even in Poland, you just have to look around. I can guarantee you a lot of costumers and a free advertisement on the forum if you start selling 65 band bras.

SA: You’re talking nonsense, such bras don’t exist, 65 bands are for 10 year old girls. You are scaring off my other costumers, you must be from my competitors’ shop. Get out and don’t come back.

Another shop assistant saying: “ Women read all this nonsense in the internet and now they think that they  have to wear 65 and 60 bands” Well, this one can even sound optimistic, it means that more and more women find out about their correct size and go around and ask for it in stores.

You can find more authentic examples of what ignorant lingerie salespeople say here , on the blog of the eternal voyager. You may find them funny, and I agree to some extent as I was laughing loud when I was reading 2 threads listing them (each having 500 posts, and there’s already a third one half full). But it’s a real problem, especially if a sensitive girl with big or small boobs gets into a bra shop, can’t find a well fitting bra for herself and shop assistants display attitude of this kind

It can really distort such a person’s self perception, destroy self confidence, make her dislike her breasts (no matter the size) etc. Even an assertive person can find it hard to stomach such an attitude. Not being able to find a bra for yourself (or other piece of clothing, bras are not the only problematic piece of garment) can really make you think that you’re some kind of freak of nature.

What kind of service should a good lingerie store provide? Well, how about this?  This film comes from The Holy Fit website by Freya (you can also find there a very nice and colorful (as the brand itself) viral promoting good fit). What you see there is a real assesment of the bra that the customer was wearing and you see the the change that this customer undergoes when she puts on a correctly fitted one. You also see a typical reaction to the new size  – on one hand she’s delighted with the looks of her breasts in this bra, on the other one she’s shocked to hear that now she’s an FF cup. Actually the only thing I personally don’t like about this movie is the bra-fitter’s response to “I don’t want to be a double F” . She says: “Don’t worry, nobody needs to know”, as if the fact of wearing a 30FF was something to be kept in secret and be  ashamed of…:(  Such an attutude  is also something that we try to fight with – this “letterphobia” – being afraid or ashamed of wearing D+ bras. Ladies, straight up and get your boobs forward and up,  put on some nice “breast – friendly” tops and be proud of them (irrespective of size).

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