Shopping for bras… online

Edit 16.02.2011: I remove info about the bra shop in Lisbon – they are now my competition, and even though most women here still wear incorrect sizes, so you could say the market is big enough, I have to protect my business too.

Meanwhile… Even if the shop the name of which I don’t want to mention here again seems to be the one and only shop that provides the brafitting service and full range of sizes and obviously they won’t be able to help all women that need it, I want to convince you today that shopping online is fun. Yes, it is:) Believe me:) I do 95% of my clothes purchases and 99% of my bra purchases through the Internet. I virtually stopped shopping in “normal” stores – I just don’t see anything interesting there…

And this is the reason no 1: you have much bigger choice of things when you shop online, you are not limited to the (often) poor offer of shops around you. You just sit comfortably in front of your computer (with something to munch on and drink:)) and just do your browsing and choosing. In case of shopping for bras you don’t have to listen to stupid remarks of shop assistants who claim your size doesn’t exist, you just go to any of the stores from the link list on the right or to the British Ebay… (btw, none of these shops pays me for advertisement – I just do my own shopping in some of them, quite often actually).

Here, you may start complaining – “Oh, I could never buy without trying on first”. Well, it’s not really like this. If you buy online, you can always return the thing – it’s the law. So, you buy a bra (or whatever other product), receive it, try it on at home, without any hurry (no crowd of other customers waiting for you to vacate the trying room). You can see what it looks like with different tops and blouses, you can do the crush test too;)… Then, if it fits well and you like it, you keep it. It doesn’t fit, you don’t like it, something’s wrong with it – you just fill in the return form, pack the product and send it back. Easy and not really bothersome…:) Just remember – don’t remove the labels;)

Payment. Again some of you may be concerned about the safety of transactions. But, as the amount of online sales is growing, the security of such transactions also improves (otherwise nobody would buy anything). During the 4 years of my online purchases, I have never had any problem with it – and I shop a lot like this. However, if you still don’t feel convinced that giving your credit/debit card number online is safe, you can choose PayPal to pay for your online shopping. It’s easy and comfortable, you just connect it to your credit card or to you bank account (then all you need to do is to transfer money from your bank account to your PayPal account). Actually, you do need PayPal to do your shopping on Ebay. Quite some bra shops from my list also accept it (for example: Lovebras, Brastop, Figleaves). If you don’t have a credit card you can still shop online – a lot of European(British) online brashops accept Visa Electron and Maestro cards too.

What other reasons for online shopping do you need? Thanks to the net the world is open for you. Just use the opportunites it gives.

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