Spring and summer 2010 bra collections – Curvy Kate

What I would like to do today is to show you some more bras that are available in full range of sizes. Quite some of  brands that do produce them, also make them look real nice and sexy,  not like “grandmam’s” bras -as for example a Doreen that has been named the ugliest “horse collar” (not even a bra) in the lingerie world.  The colours available are not limited to “traditional trinity” of black, white and beige either…

The second  brand (after Panache, which wasn’t perhaps that nice…mmmm, maybe apart from Cleo and Masquerade) I’d like to show you is Curvy Kate – as they say “beautiful bras for a fuller bust” that are available  DD-J cups and with back sizes from a 28-40.  Their previous collections were full of lacy bras in “all colours of a rainbow”  (blue, purple, navy, brown, coral, cream, fuchsia) – some of them are even still available in the bra outlet of Brastop or on British Ebay;)  This spring/summer collection also brings a lot of colourful lingerie.  See for yourselves:

This range of sizes of Curvy Kate goes from 28-40 back and DD-J cup. Showgirl bras are lightly padded and the sizes available go from 28-30 DD-J, 32DD-HH,  34DD-H, 36DD-GG and 38DD-G.  I recently became a happy owner of navy/coral  Ella and two Showgirls – black and yellow Tease me and fuchsia Thrill me. They are just beautifull…:)))) My bramaniac soul is very happy about them:)))  A little tip for you here though – Thrill Me requires very careful adjusting when you put it on – make sure the wires are just under your breast, and that there’s no empty space on the bottom of the cups etc. This is a half cup and some breasts may look like a ski-jump if you don’t put in on properly;)

If you want to check out some of these bras for yourselves, go to Dama de Copas, they carry the brand. If  you can’t go, then you can shop online in Lovebras – they still have quite a lot of the collection left, I admit though that some sizes are already sold out…:(   Here I’d also like to say a few word about prices of bras, just passed through a Triumph shop tonight and was a bit shocked.  I don’t want to swear here (and I wouldn’t like you to do it either when you comment on anything) but the only words that come to my mind are: “#*@#*  is this???!!!  This crap is 50-60Euros???!!!”  In comparison, the cost of a bra from the current collection Curvy Kate  is  26-28 British pounds plus shipping (online stores). The ones that are already onsale are between 13 and 19 British pounds… The price of a bra at Dama de Copas is about 40 E  (and remember that Ines and Margarida provide you with a service of brafitting that can take up to one hour)… Why is anybody still buying bras at Triumph and other places like that???

5 responses to “Spring and summer 2010 bra collections – Curvy Kate

  1. Wonderful collections!! There are many bras from this video that I like. They are sweet and sexy!

  2. Unfortunately Triumph is the only brand here (Romania) that carries slightly larger cup sizes in smaller bands. But the shop assistant had to look into a catalog to tell me that a 70E exists, but they’ve never stocked it, and even that one would be too large for me :-(. Even Debenhams and Marks and Spencer don’t import the whole range of sizes because people here have no idea what size they should wear. I went to Debenhams and tried a 32DD which was the closest I’ve seen to what I think my size is and they had this idiotic sizing chart on the wall in the fitting room. Basically only 2-3 cup sizes for each back size. Then there’s this joke of a brand, Jolidon which makes these hideous push up bras that get ruined on a first wash, and they rarely go up to a D-cup. 😦

    • Well, I had an apportunity to visit Budapest last winter (btw, you have very good wine, guys) and I noticed it too… I just means that you have a large field for lobbying about enxtending the availability of sizes available…It was more or less the same in Poland several years ago – Big boobed women’s lobby kind of started in such vacuum circumstances. I’m trying now to do the same for Portugal – they already have one shop in Lisbon, soon I’ll be starting another in Braga (the shop blog in Portugese already exists)…
      Here’s an idea, why don’t you open a bra shop with all the sizes? Or you can start a blog about brafitting…

      • Thanks for the reply! Budapest is actually in Hungary, they’re our neighbors. But we have great wine too!! 🙂
        I just stumbled upon these sites and found out what was wrong with my bras all this time. I’ve been reading everything I could find for the last week or so. I still don’t have a proper bra, hopefully soon. I think a bra shop would be a great idea, maybe I can import all those pretty Polish bras :-). Good luck with your store! I’ll keep reading your posts.

      • ooops, my mistake , I meant Bucarest… I really should finnish my coffee before I do any commenting….
        Of course you can do private imports – just order online… To order from Ewa Michalak you should actually write to them to ask to pilot you trough the website – Polish not similar to Romanian at all. If your post office is reliable – meaning they don’t “lose” the packages there’s no reason why yo can’t do your shopping outside our country (especially if it doesn’t have what you need) -and you’re already a part of the EU, so there’s no customs…

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