2010 autumn and winter collections – Curvy Kate

Summer’s in full swing here, the sun’s shining, everybody’s on holidays but autumn and winter collections of bras are already starting to be available. What do boob-friendly brands have in stock for us for next season? Let’s start browsing. Do you remember the spring collection of Curvy Kate? The autumn/winter one is going to be as exciting and colourful as the former one. Have a look:

I personally like at least 4 of the bras shown and I just can’t wait till they become available in any of internet shops…;)

What about you? Which ones do you like? Which ones would you buy? Well, obviously liking doesn’t necessarily mean buying (hence the second question)… As Bra Fitting Cidade is starting to think seriously about doing something more than just blogging about filling the bra – desert here, your input would be appreciated:)  Any (wanna be) lingerie shop has to make its order now (a lot of existing ones already did it in spring) to allow for future allocation of the stock from the producer:(  So I especially direct this survey to my  Portuguese readers.  Would be helpful and vote?

Photographs courtesy of Curvy Kate.

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