Boob friendly brands – Effuniak/Ewa Michalak

Recently, when I was browsing through Thirty Two D forum I came across a post about new discoveries that mentioned Ewa Michalak website and her plunge bras in all sizes. This is one of the reasons I decided to write about Ewa and her designs, the other ones being the fact that at this moment her bra constructions are the absolute best that are available on the market (even though they still are not compatible with every pair of breasts and the designs may not be to everybody’s liking).

To start with – who’s Ewa Michalak? She’s been a lingerie designer for 15 years and during that time she cooperated with Polish lingerie brands such as Corin, Kris Line (you can often find their bras on Brastop), Kinga, Konrad . As she says herself in the interview for Balkonetka: “I came across the Lobby Biusciastych through “The bra alphabet doesn’t end at D”  article written by Kasica of Stanikomania and Butters77 – the founder of the Lobby. It was kind of funny as a magazine with it had been lying in my place for almost two months and I was just going to throw it away but then I decided to cut out some pics for inspiration. It was then that I found this article, I read it and I opened the Lobby website. And my first thought was “Oh my god, I’m so stupid and I know so little’. And when the Lobby brafitters calculated a bra size for me I almost dropped dead.” Ewa, who chose a nickname Effuniak, stayed on the forum and started to design and construct bras for bigger and smaller breasts. The lobbyists started to test these constructions. These bras were really beautiful and girls who got to test them were really kind of lucky ones – that’s how the rest of us perceived it. You can see some of Effuniak bras from that period here . Weren’t they cute? A lot of them were half cups, even for  large breasts (over HH cups). You can just imagine this long virtual queue of women waiting to get one of their own. And unfortunately, few got one:( The designs were unique and mostly unrepeatable, and  at that stage it was impossible for Ewa to start a mass production of lacy bras mainly because of costs.

Later on, last summer, Ewa opened an impromptue shop on her blog. It wasn’t yet a real shop,  yet it was better than nothing. Still you had hundreds of women waiting for new batches of plunges to appear there, and when they did appear they were selling immediately – sometimes almost everything got sold in just one evening. Just like nude bras, or other colourful ones (banana, watercolour, ladybird, peaches ) or even “cow” plunge or “cat” plunge (however controversial they were).

Finally, last autumn Ewa opened a real internet shop. Finally  all of us could buy plunges – auberine, chilli, denim , that were soon followed by sea moss, red moss , pleated bras and quite a few others. What’s more, in autmn collection  the construction of big cups got improved. Before the cup was made from 3 pieces of fabric, now it’s made of four.  This spring and summer brought more designs, among them my personal favourite – powder dots. What this bra does to my breasts is absolutely astonishing. I must admit I got into a kind of self admiration after putting it on – couldn’t stop staring at my tits in the mirror:) Recently Ewa introduced a strapless bra too – although only smaller cups:( to start with. There’s also a photo of a girl testing Ewa’s halfcup on Balkonetka – so maybe this autumn we’ll finally  be able to buy them too.

What is exactly so unique about Effuniaks? Why were all those women so frantic to get them? The answer is – the CONSTRUCTION. I already mentioned it at the beginning – Effuniaks at the moment are the best constructed bras on the market. H+ cups (or even G+) of other brands often have a construction error –  their producers assume that big breasted women have breast under their armpits instead of having them on their front. This problem of “triangular women” is described in Kasica’s article on Stanikomania ( I really suggest Google Translate, or any other “engine translate”, as the article is very interesting). If you’re a G+ you can try an experiment – just fasten your bra in front of you and see what shape it gets – if it’s a cradle, it’s bad…:( In case of Effuniak bras, this error is not there. The cups are fully on the front of the bra. The other thing is underwires – G+ often have very wide ones, wider than it’s really necessary (it’s also conneted with this first error I mentioned) and also very high – can poke into your armpit. Effuniaks have quite narrow and relatively low underwires even in big sizes. Another thing that makes them so unique is the lift – they were even nicknamed -“ elevators for the breasts“.  Just look at this  uplift.  The girl from the second link is also shown without a bra (but wearing a t-shirt) to show the elevation.  Isn’t it amazing?  What more can I say??? Well, recently there’s been another survey on Stanikomania, this time for  “The most comfortable bra”.. Effuniaks won (though not unanimously)…

To cap it off, some practical advice on how to choose a size of an Effuniak bra if you decide to order one. These bras have very tight bands, so if your frame is say 75cm(30inches), in most cases you will be well off in a 75(34) band. In case of Effuniak strapless, you may even need an 80(36). Anyway you have a calculator on the website – you have to take two measurements of your frame – first one  very tight, the second one without squeezing. As for the cup – there’s also a special way to measure for it. Bend down, so that your torso is horizontal,  make sure the tape is vertical and then measure your breasts. Type in your measurements into the calculator (first the measurement of your frame tight, then loosely, then around your breasts), click “jaki mam rozmiar” and you get the answer. But the answer from the calculator is only the starting point, as usual… According to  Ewa  you have to consider the shape of your breasts too, if they look like:

UU – most probably the cup indicated by the calculator will be fine;

00 – the cup indicated may fit but you may need a cup size bigger one; 

OO – you definitely will need a bigger cup size by one or two cups;

VV – the indicated cup may fit, but you may need a smaller one;

W – the indicated cup will be too big, you’ll need one smaller by 2 or 3 cups; 

^^ – breasts that are long and narrow at  the base ending with a kind of a ball – just like a pear – you should take  2 or even 3 cups smaller size than indicated by the calculator.

I hope this will help you check out for yourselves how Effuniak bras fit and what they can do for your breasts:)

9 responses to “Boob friendly brands – Effuniak/Ewa Michalak

  1. Wow, very nice. thank you!

  2. One more thing: Ewa Michalak offers worldwide shipping for around 6€ which I find is very affordable. And you can order in English or German, at And they have an English version of the website in the works.

    Great work, girl. I´ve had an article on Ewa Michalak in the works, but you beat me to it and did a fantastic job !

  3. It sounds great, the more I hear, the more curious I get.

  4. Hi, i hope someone can help. I have contacted the site for sizing advice, but now i’m unsure of payment methods. I understand you can pay by paypal, but does that require an actual paypal account, or is it the system where you just enter your CC details on-site and paypal acts as the processor?

    • To pay by PayPal you need to have an account there – just go there, register (you have to choose your country too). Yes, you give your cc details to PayPal but then you don’t need to give them to any other place online where you do your shopping. You just write your login which is your email and then a password. It’s very conveniant. And if you shop abroad and/or in a place that has a different currency rather than in your country, then your bank doesn’t charge you all these stupid commissions… (my bank does it, it’s very irritating so that’s why I switched to using PayPal whenever I can).
      If you don’t want to share your cc details, Paypal also has something for you – it’s kind of pre-paid acccount – just like a card for a mobile, you just transfer there some money and then you use it for your shopping (I’m less familiar with this method, I don’t use it). Well, anyway, you can find all the info as to what and how on paypal website.

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  6. It is a very cool thing that we can read about great brands. It is very difficult to create useful brands so it is useful to read these types of articles. I think this brand is here to stay. It is very useful for women to understand how to measure their bras as well. You can put a calculator here so this is a very useful feature as well.

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