Curvy Kate – Emily Flame

Today I’d like to write about a bra from the brand that I already mentioned in this blog twice – when I was decribing their spring/summer and autumn/winter collections. I just received a package with some bras from the current collection – I have been waiting for them very long, since summer. Curvy Kate website was announcing that the collection was going to be available from August… Well, it wasn’t:( And I just wanted an orange bra… And a few others… Finally, when they started to be available in Lovebras, I purchased them at once. So, ladies, today here’s my very first consumer review:


For the sake of order, I’m going to follow the review layout used by kasica of Stanikomania. Kasica, don’t beat!

BEAUTY  (4,5 out of 5)

When I removed the bra from the package I must admit a was a bit disappointed. Flame for me means orange. I was axpecting a fiery bra. I got one that is reddish/coral/ strawberry/raspberry (whatever you decide to call this colour) with an orange embroidery. However, the embroidery is very detailed and cute, the flowers are very well done. There are some nice ribbons at the centre gore and at the apex. Moreover the match of both colours gives a kind of enexpected effect. I had never seen a red and orange bra before…

FIT (5 0ut of 5)

Fiery Emily has quite a tight band. For my 29 inches of chest measurement a 32 was enough and feels stable. Actually, other soft bras from CK that I ordered alos feel snug enough. It’s kind of good that it’s not necessary to go down the size of the band so much anymore – smaller band with a recalculated cup means a bigger letter – in this case H – I’d rather not check out if that size is much more built up than 32GG …

SHAPE AND UPLIFT (5 out of 5)

This model seems to be really compatible with my breast giving them a nice round shape. Which unfortunately I cannot say about another of the bras that I ordered…:( The breast in Emily are elevated to the proper level. This may become one of my favourite bras for the dark and dull season that has just begun.

COMFORT (5 out of 5)

I’m giving a 5 – the bra is comfortable. At least it seems to be so, I haven’t had the chance to wear it for a longer period of time yet, so I can’t say anything more definite yet… For the several minutes that I was wearing and photographing it, I dind’t feel any potential discomforts – wires poking into the armpits or drilling holes into the sternum, or scratching straps, or whatever else. However, I may change my mind. For now, I’m giving the highest mark – it may change…

If you like sets of lingerie, panties are cute too:

 Here you can see the bra on “unphotoshopped” breasts.

2 responses to “Curvy Kate – Emily Flame

  1. Lovely review of a beautiful bra! I would like to ask your opinion on Curvy Kate when compared with UK brands like Fantasie, Freya, Panache. I have not tried any CK because I have to order it from UK to USA and if it doesn’t fit I have to waste money both ways on expensive shipping (which costs as much as a bra!!). I take 30FF in Eveden brands Freya/Fantasie but I am 30G in Panache.. Do you think Curvy Kate runs small/big in the band and cup to each of those brands? Inquiring minds want to know… Thank you, Sarah P.S. Keep up the great work on the blog! 🙂

    • hmmm, I’d definitely say that the back sizes of Curvy Kate are on the tight side recently… But it seems to me that Freya is also working in this direction – two models that I bought from them in summer (Frankie and Saffy) in 32GG were stable, not too tight but ok, anyway the cups were a bit too small. On the other hand when I bought the new red Arabella I took a 30H and this particular model didn’t really feel too tight on me… In case f 32GG from Curvy Kate – Emily, Princess or Angel (Ella too) I couldn’t complain about the band and the cups, they were ok.
      As far as Panache is concerned I’m not really compatible with Superbra, the only thing that I have are a few Georges from Cleo – also in 32GG – as you probably know this model is considered to be very tight. Don’t have anything from Fantasie…

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