Soutienocracia is already online

Hello, everybody.

I’d just like to say that my bra-shop is already operational. Anybody who speaks or understands Portuguese is welcome:

What I have in stock now is some part of the Curvy Kate spring collection, and also Ewa Michalak bras. Actually, you’ll be able to buy them all, it’s just that for some models the delivery time will be longer….  (Sorry, didn’t rob a bank which I would have had to do to have all the models in all the possible sizes from Ewa:P

I’ll just repeat the address one more time:


4 responses to “Soutienocracia is already online

  1. I think this is a good site. It has a cool design and easy-to-use features. I suggest that you use a bra size calculator inside the site, so the visitors have the opportunity to calculate their bra sizes online. I wish you success in your new venture as well.

    • My web designers were supposed to insert the Effuniak calculator into the shop website but it seems they got conquered by the Polish script… And anyway, the calculators and bra sizing charts may not always work, not for everybody, that’s why every woman should simply know how a bra should fit her…

  2. I ran across your shop and I was stunned because I thought that there was finally an online shop here in Brasil to buy bras in my size! Alas, you’re in Portugal, any plans to move to Brasil? 😉 Good luck with your shop!

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