Sexy curves, clothes hangers and dressing for big “gala” occasions

First of all I’d like to thank all of you for reading the blog even though I hardly published any articles in 2011. However, as much as I’m still keen on brafitting and new bra collections, my lingerie needs are now fullfilled in 99% by Ewa Michalak. I may admire new Freyas, Curvy Kates, Masquerades or Bravissimo line, but when I finally get to order anything new it turns up to fit and shape much worse than Effuniak’s plunges and CH half cups (which are a marvel for the breasts). I see that the growing lingerie blogging community is also starting to appreciate this Polish brand, as well as another pro-boob company from Poland – BiuBiu (which I also love).

Dressing a curvy woman is a challange, isn’t it? There are not so many companies that cater for the needs of hourglass shaped women. We have Bravissimo – now Pepperberry, BiuBiu. I remember Mauzonka of Balkonetka once wrote about Bratique Helene… (but unless you have a very conservative taste in clothing and don’t want to look like your own grandmother I don’t really recommend it).  Georgina of Fullerfigerfullerbust mentions several brands, like PinUp Girl clothing (btw, Georgina, those dresses are really nice) or Simply Be. Brittany of Thin and Curvy likes Trashy Diva… But what made me think about writing this note is actually this article. It’s not a recent one, mind you (which just shows how long I have been sitting on it). Sooo, the world’s sexiest woman had to BEG for a gown – because designers think she’s too curvy… IMHO, this just shows how crazy and gain oriented the fashion world is. Obviously designing and making clothes that would fit real women, not half-starved waif looking fashion models is a challenge, you do have to put all those seams, God knows how many darts in various places, which is awfully difficult… To me it looks like those great names of fashion reputed to be great designers and taylors apparently are not capable of making a dress, or a shirt, whatever to accommodate feminine curves… and it doesn’t only refer to gala glamorous dresses. Just out of curiosity, once I dropped into Escada shop on one of the main avenues of Lisbon and decided to try on a dress… Just an everyday casual dress, nothing fancy. Obviously my boobs didn’t fit into a 40 or 42, and 44 was not available. Anyway, even 42 looked like a sack of potatoes on me… And for this I was supposed to pay over 500 euros… if I were stupid enough to buy it…

So, the point of this note is, we do already have some clothes for everyday wear, more or less casual or even formal occasions. But what about really BIG events when a glamorous gown like the one Christina Hendricks is wearing on the photograph IS absolutely necessary? Her example shows that we can’t really count on big designers (even if any of us could afford to throw several thousand bucks for a dress to wear only once). Well, what do you do then ladies? Are there any companies that make gala gowns or do we have to resort to having taylored them to our size individually?

7 responses to “Sexy curves, clothes hangers and dressing for big “gala” occasions

  1. Ok, this is certainly not at the same level as those events but I know LightinTheBox will make clothes according to your measurements and they offer plenty of cocktail dresses, dresses for weddings, etc. I haven’t tried it because I really don’t have a need for one at the moment, but maybe someday. 🙂

  2. Lauren by Ralph Lauren stretch material dresses, they have a lot of material in the bust (they work for me and my 32GGs) and are really flattering! They’re a bit expensive, though, but fantastic cocktail dresses. Not quite gala, but still pretty 🙂

  3. I have to defend Bratique Helene! The company changed their name to Carissa Rose a few years ago, when they switched their focus to clothing and away from bras. It’s true that they don’t make young, trendy clothing, but their shirts and dresses are absolutely classic pieces and impeccably well-made. I’m a 27-year-old professional and wear their shirts weekly. Carissa Rose is a great resource for women in the United States. Even though their prices are high, their shirts will last for years, and the company offers free returns, as well as frequent sales.

    • Obviously everybody has her own taste and style. I personally hate dress code and I hope I’ll be never forced to comply to it. All those high buttoned shirts, suits, corporation uniforms…. Grrrr…

  4. really looking so good !

  5. I am a classical singer and have to wear evening gowns regularly. I have had good luck with Tadashi Shoji gowns– they often come in designs where it is possible to wear a real (ie, non-strapless) bra. The trick is to find one in a vibrant color so that it doesn’t look matronly… it is a huge pain looking for gowns that I can wear an actual bra with that aren’t mother-of-the-bride style beige. (I wear a 30H or a 32GG, dress size 6 or an 8, US.) But for me, being able to wear a real bra when I sing is absolutely non-negotiable.

    I saw this in a department store last year but haven’t been able to find it since… it’s a great example of a gown that is flattering to large busts without looking dowdy:

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