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I haven’t been posting for a real long while. Sorry, I’ve been really busy doing other things. This particular post was kind of caused by a recent affair on the English fanpage of Ewa Michalak. For those of you without Facebook this is what happened: one of Ewa Michalak’s clients posted a link to her blog where she describes an alteration to the straps. Edit: it wasn’t FussyBusty, it was somebody from Ewa’s team – they keep up with all the bloggers.

I can only imagine the face of Ewa when she saw it – and mind you, I have very rich imagination, but it was probably the WTF kind. Well, for a start she kept calm (as all of these recent memes advice) and asked if this problem was common. It turned out, that yes indeed, a lot of her foreign customers remade her bras in the very same way.  Hmmm, here’s a funny thing strikes me and not only me, all the English speaking Polish clients of her – why don’t we  have the same kind of problems? The girls posted links to their photographs in the said bras, Ewa looked at them and here I think she was close to banging her head on the nearest flat surface. Her response was in line with her regular straight forward attitude. Sure, she was not diplomatic at all and no PR specialist would advise her to do this, but she told you the truth. Ladies, Ewa’s  system of measuring for bras is not the same as the British one. After you measure your UB – even in inches, get your I-phone or whatever other smart device into your hand, turn on the calculating app (if you can’t calculate into cm into your head) and basically what you get – your tight measurement in cm (exhale, place the tape horizontally and squeeze without breaking your ribs)  is your band size in Ewa Michalak bras. I agree that the cup that you get out the size calculator on Ewa’s website may not be the right one – this parameter is influenced not only by the measurement of your boobs but also by their shape and texture.

Ewa Michalak’s sizing system is supposed to let you choose your band size based on your real UB measurement in cm. The other thing is – her bra styles are halfcups and plunges, so these are styles that do not cover the entire breast – some tissue will be always exposed. One more thing, they are not supposed to fit the same way the British brands do – those in your sizes often have wires that end up almost on your back – much behind your breast tissue. This is the reason I stopped buying Panache and also Freya – in GG in smaller bands the back part of the band gets really really short. Bravissimo in 32GG is unfortunately the same. The wires of Ewa Michalak’s bras are supposed to encircle your breast and to end just where the breast tissue ends. Not further into your armpit.

I don’t really believe there are so many of you that genuinely need 50, 55 or 60 bands from Ewa, but instead of talking more I’m just gonna show you what bra sizes are worn by Polish customers of Ewa. Sizes and measurements. Almost all these data were taken from Balkonetka, a few other entries came from both Lobbies. I don’t give the name of a given model on purpose – to keep the anonymity of the user. What is shown are: – UB measurement -where I could get it: two measurements – tight one and the one without squeezing the tape. Breast measurement (standing, without bending down, unless both measurements were provided), Ewa’s fitting size; and the user’s assessment of the bra and fit with comments (much abbreviated by me).

UB in cm Boobs in cm EM size rating remarks
1 68 86 65D 5* Wires slightly too narrow
2 66 85 70C 4* The band still holds even though the bra is old
3 64 92 65E 5* The band slightly looser but still holds well
4 71 89 70C 5* My favourite bra now
5 76 101 80F 4* Very comfortable
6 75 101 75E 5* An ok bra
7 67 93 65FF 5* ok
8 78 102 75FF 5* Very comfortable
9 78 115 85HH 4* Very tight band
10 74 102 70H 5* Very tight band, have to use an extender
11 71 101 70G 5* Sensational fit and lift
12 72 115 75HH 5* The band could be tighter
13 71 92 70FF 5* Great fit
14 62 86 60F 5* A bit too small for the bigger boob
15 64 92 60F 5* Moderately tight band
16 68 95 70FF 4* Just beautiful fit
17 60 85 60E 5* Very pleasant on the loosest hook
18 74 102 75G 5* Beautiful and comfortable
18 66 92 65F 4* Very nice effect
19 67 97 65H 5* The band seems loose but holds very well
20 83-87 No date 85G The lift is ok though the wires could be wider
21 68 95 70E75DD
22 71-73 92-93 75C Very tight band (red panther)
23 77 110 75H 4* After many washings it doesn’t give such a lift anymore
24 87-94 116-128 85GG 5* I like the effect.
25 79 94 80DD 4*
26 90 115 90E 5* For me – the best (very wide ribcage but no fat tissue)
27 66 91 65FF 5* Beautiful
28 73 96 75F 5* The band is on the tight side
29 64 92 60F 5* The band is moderately tight
30 71 92 70FF 4* The band is tight (IMO)
31 66 90 65F 5* My new love
31 67 97 65H 5* The band seems on the loose side but holds well
32 93 135 95J 5* Fantastic fit and lift – I can run
33 72 116 70JJ 5* Comfortable and pleasantly tight – I mean the band
34 72 102 70FF 5* Just wonderful
35 59 90 65G 5* A band’s a bit on the loose side, but it’s a second hand
36 76 111 75H 5*
37 76 101 80E 5* I love it
38 59 90 60GG 5* I love the profile
39 61 85 60F 5* Tight band, great fit
40 69 93 70FF 5* Great fit
41 78 108 80F 5* Great fit, comfortable bra
43 73-77 90-94 75E
44 69-72 84-86 70C
45 65-72 83-84 70A
46 69-76 86-96 70E
47 75-82 113-116 75J

None of the numerous Polish customers of Ewa complain about straps cutting into the armpits. What we may complain about are: too short straps, too long straps, straps that adjust only half way, or the fact that the little circle between the front and back part of the strap just gets directly on a shoulder (grrrr, uncomfortable), the straps may roll or stretch or be of not satisfactory quality in our opinion, ect. But never have I heard on Balkonetka or on any of the Lobbies that EM straps cut into the armpits as described by Fussy Busty.

Written by a person who wears EM 75G for 74-77 cm UB and 102 cm around the boobs.

How to use Balkonetka’s catalogue?

You probably remember one of the Polish portals about brafitting – Balkonetka, I described it once. Today I’d like to give you some instructions how to use its catalogue – add your own photos etc.  It’s amazing how big it became over this year or so. And how all the women there are really friendly, tolerant and kind to  each other. We know nobody’s perfect, so nobody’s body/boobs gets criticized, we tend to limit their comments to the bras that are shown. And even if somebody’s body/breasts gets a comment, it’s a good one. We don’t allow criticizing just for the sake of criticizing and getting somebody upset about it.  I’d really like you to be able to  share this atmosphere and use this great tool of catalogue too. Can Balkonetka’s catalogue become international?  It’s up to you…

How to Register:

Whenever you open the homesite of Balkonetka there’s a log in/register field to click on in the right top corner – after you click register you get the above picture. Just fill in, accept the regulations (they get fairly adequately translated by Live Search, in my opinion they are understandable, if in doubt write to or ask on Balkonetka’s Facebook site). After registration you get an email from Balkonetka with a link to click to confirm your registration. If you are already registered and just come back to the website, just click log in and you get this:

Straightforward enough so far?

Ok. After you register you can fill in your profile:

Next to the position “how many babies have you nursed” there are options: Nie karmilam (didn’t nurse any) and numbers, you just choose whichever refers to you. A bit lower there’s also a question if you’re a man (mężczyzna) or a woman (kobieta)… Btw, I don’t think there are any man at Balkonetka… It’s not as they could find much of interest for themselves on the website. The breasts that are shown in the catalogue are dressed in bras, photographs are anonymous as you don’t show your face… You can change your settings in the profile with an edit function, change the password or even remove the account at all.

We are getting close to one of the most important functions – adding your bra purchases to the catalogue. To do it, you just need to click onto Twoja Szuflada (Your drawer) on the black menu on the top of the page. Your drawer will contain all your uploaded purchases, it will be visible to anybody who chooses to click onto your nickname. You click Twoja Szuflada and you get this view:

After that you click “Add a new item to the catalogue (Dodaj nowa rzecz do katalogu):

You upload a photo – mind you, one only so it’s better to put several together in Photoshop, Paint, Gimp or whatever other graphic programme, fill in the required fields, click Dodaj (Add) – and done:)  Other Balkonetka users can see what you bought and comment or advise you about it. I suggest using English in your descriptions. It seems to be the most popular and you’ll probably get the biggest feedback… I don’t guarantee you’ll get many responses in other ones…

Sorry for the quality of the images. I haven’t mastered Print Screen yet and I was forced to make photogaphs of the screen… That’s why it doesn’t look as good as it should…

Update:  I was just browsing through Eternal Voyager’s blog. It seems she bit me to writing about Balkonetka’s catalogue… The article’s available  here

Sunbathing versus bouncing and unsupported breasts

The weather’s getting better and better, another sunbathing season is starting… Well, it means that quite soon beaches everywhere will be full of women in badly fitted bikinis and swimming suits (and every time I see one I just feel sorry for her boobs, as usual). In this blog I continuously emphasize what a good size of everyday bra, sports bra or in this case bikini can do for your comfort and better looks. I’m going to do it this time too…

To start with, let’s look at what’s available in most shops, I did a round of snooping at Colombo. Well, what you can get are colorful, fance, nice looking bikinis in Calcedonia, H&M and other networks… But as usual, the sizes available are XS -XL (or 1-5(6) in Calcedonia), or 70 -85 A-D, sometimes E… Most of the time it’s even possible to buy a bikini top and bottom separately. Finally it seems that manufacturers noticed that having small boobs doesn’t necessarily mean having small ass or vice versa. So this is definitely a change for the better. But there’s still a problem with the top sizing – the available range doesn’t really cover the variaty of feminine bodies. Even if a given top can be tied at the back – so you can adjust it as you want, it won’t  look good on every woman. Especially if you have bigger breasts and/or more fat on your frame and a given  top consists of a string with two triangles, just tying it up tightly won’t give you the required support – as a thin string is too frail for that, it will only make you look like a ham. You need a band that is wider and more stable, one that won’t press to much into your body. And what is absolutely necessary for  bikini tops, is to have the same range of sizes as for everyday bras.

Here you can say: “Oh come on, I don’t need such a supportive bra on a  beach. The only thing I do there is lie on my towel and sunbathe (stroll along, swim etc)”. Well, I must admit there was a time when I thought the same even though I already had correctly fitting everyday bras. I assumed then that a nice, XL bikini in all colours of the rainbow would be enough… I was wrong:(  Actually it was a terrible experience. I’m not a really active person on a beach but despite that I somethimes want to move my ass from a deck chair, go and take a swim then come back, lie down again. I was already used to the comfort and stability of my everyday bras and I knew I could do everything while wearing them as my breasts were staying inside so when I suddenly couldn’t   move, bend down or do anything without my breasts falling out of the bikini, it was a huge disappointment.  And my looks were terrible – I looked as if I had had four boobs instead of just two:( I promised myself then never to buy again anything like models on the photo below are wearing. Btw, you would expect that celebrities and models know how to choose a well fitting bra, this colage shows it’s not like that, and if you browse through the net you will find more without many difficulties

The discomfort and awareness of looking bad are not worth wearing the fanciest or  the most beautiful bikini from a latest collection from any designer. Even if it had diamonds on it.

The photos of models in badly fitted bikinis come from

How to make your breasts feel comfortable during a workout?

Sports shops everywhere are full of bras or bra tops such as shown on the photograph above. You are supposed to wear them when you workout and all of them fall within xs-xl in size category, or at best 32-38 A-DD. The question is: do your breasts really feel comfortable and supported when you wear these kind of sports tops and do a hi-impact workout (running on a treadmill, an aeroboxing or hilo aerobics class, playing tennis etc)??? Or do your breasts behave like two balls bouncing up and down drawing the attention of anybody willing to comment about dynamics of breasts of any size????  They do??? And you curse having breasts (no matter big or small) at all? Or you just avoid doing any sports at all because doing it is so uncomfortable and painful?

How to prevent your breasts from jumping up and down when you practice sports? To solve this problem, first let me remind you the basic rule of brafitting  – 85% of support of your bra comes from the band. Where does the support come from in case of the above type of tops when you have to stretch them in order to pull them through your head, and over your shoulders and breasts just to put them on?  Unfortunately, these can work only for relatively small breasts and low impact activities.  Why?

Let’s begin from the structure of the breast. What is it built of? Muscle? So that you can improve its shape by doing push-ups…??? Well, let’s look at the drawing. What do we have here?

Fatty tissue, glandular tissue, Cooper’s ligements and the muscle under the breasts.  The anatomy of the breasts  is very well explained by Maheda (one of the best Polish bra-fitters) in her article . If you devote some time to read it  you will see that apart from Cooper’s ligaments and skin there’s nothing that actually provides support from within your breasts, and even these two are kind of fragile and easy to damage. If you don’t wear a correctly fitted bra, things such as aging, weight fluctuations, nursing make your breasts look saggy with time and no miracle cream or exercise will actually be able to help you. Here I must recommend reading carefully the  paragraph about bras helping tone breasts. What Maheda has written there is very good news for a lot of women who feel less then happy with the looks of their breasts.

Now let’s look what is going on with your breasts when you do a high impact activity. Meet Dr Joanna Scurr of Portsmouth University who did a research how exercise affects women’s breasts and examined 70 women while they run on a treadmill. Tests were done for women without a bra, in normal everyday bras and in Shock Absorbers. The whole article from Science Daily about the research she did is available here . Don’t you find it interesting? I do. 2 years ago, before discovering my correct size (and bra-fitting rules) I used to exercise in my everyday bra and my breasts didn’t get any support at all, it was slightly better in a compression bra (I mean a tight sports top that provided support by flatting my breasts all over my chest) but  my looks were kind of questionnable when I was wearing it:( I must admit though I keep wondering about the results that showed that everyday bras didn’t reduce much of a bounce… Were all these women from the research wearing correct sizes? Do you remember the article about advanteges of good bra sizes? A lot of the lobbyists were emphasizing the fact that they were able to run to catch a bus without a discomfort and having to hold their breasts with their hands…

And here’s a short video of Joanna Scurr for you to see:

And here are some  animations presented on the website of ShockAbsorber  They are quite educational as they show that even smallest breast do experience the bounce. However, there’s a little snag here – they just show cup sizes like A, B, C, D etc without telling that with different back sizes these cups will differ – 65D won’t be equal to 75D etc. They also show one shape of relatively big firmness and not large weight… And there are many other types of breasts, each of us is different. Definitely, there’s much too research yet in this area.  

Another video (less scientific, more down to earth)  also shows very well in slow motion what happens to badly supported breasts is a Freya Active ad:

I hope here the difference between a sports top and a properly supportive sports bra is clearly visible (from 0:18 to 0:40). Women with bigger breast know this problem very well, women with smaller breasts may not really experience this bouncing to a big extent, but nevertheless it is there and they should get a proper support too.

Would you trust the scientists (what they discovered so far) as well as thousands of users of  bras such as Freya, Shock Absorber, Royce (another brand of sports bras available from 28-40 from D -J) or Panache. So here’s the message from us – these bras DO work! I wouldn’t change my Shock Absorber  to any Nike, Reebok, Adidas or any other sexy sports bra (just like the black plunge from the photograph at the beginning of the article, btw, how can any woman workout in something like that???) for nothing! I’ve had it for almost a year and a half and it’s still with me – unstretched, even though I use it very often – 4-5 times a week. The difference in comfort is great – I can run, jump, do whatever hi impact activity I choose and my breasts  stay “plastered” to my chest, the bounce is almost eliminated. I agree these bras don’t look particularly nice (but this is not their function – they are not supposed to be sexy push-ups) and they peak out from under every sports top, my breasts look like cones or rockets (still, I prefer this shape rather than flattened pancakes that I had when I wore Nike sports bras)… Tell me one thing, why do you go to a gym? To work out or to pick up fitness instructors? Even if you go there for the latter;), the handsomest fitness instructor or personal trainer is not worth having breasts looking like spaniels ears in the future.

I hope that I’ve convinced you that wearing a real sports lingerie (such as shown on the above photo) is beneficial for your breasts. I just feel sorry when I see women with bouncing breasts exercising in whatever circumstances (jogging in a park, running on a treadmill, doing a body attack class), my own boobs simply start to hurt just from looking <shuddering>

The photographs of sports bras from the first collage come from various sellers on Ebay, the photos of Freya Active, Shock Absorber, Royce and Panache come from Figleaves. The diagram of a breast comes from Breastcancersource.

What does it mean to wear D or DD cups?

Do you remember the note about G and GG cups? I wanted to show you then what G and GG breasts really look like and bust the myths related with the perceived largeness of this cup. Today I want to do the same – but this time I’d like you to have a look at real D and DD cups. Thinking about this cup most people have a picture of big breasts in their mind. If we (I mean – the Lobbyists) try to convince a woman who wears a 34(70)B that her real size is 30D or 30DD, she’s usually shocked to hear that and voices a lot of protests, main of them being “I don’t have such big boobs”.  It’s not only women who misperceive the bra sizes, some bra manufectures are also of an opinion that D and DD cups belong to big boobs and that’s why it’s not necessary to produce bigger ones (as bigger ones can only be worn by some freaks of nature).

It’s high time to finish with this attitude. These harmul stereotypes make millions of women  in the world wear incorrect bra sizes. Ladies (and gentelmen – if any bothers to read this blog) – I’m giving you “Real D and DD busts” in correctly fitted bras- a collage made from photos that readers of Balkonetka post on that blog.  See for yourseves: 

Are these really big breasts????

As you can see, these are slim girls with relatively small breasts. This colage has nothing to do with common belief about “dong” or “double dong” (from that stupid video from you tube that I posted in the note about G and GG cups)…

You may feel suprised though that there are only 28,30,32 and a few 34 bands on the photograph… Well, I agree bands higher than 34 (and also 28Ds) are not really represented here, mainly due to the fact that few wearers of 36 from Balkonetka haven’t sent their consent to use their photographs for this action. I’m still waiting for them to agree, then I’ll be able to replace the collage and show you a more represantative sample.

So far I would like to thank the following girls: alex24, elftherini, magdus, anulla1974, migotka, agugabi, espera_nza, amytyst89, sellenka, minimka, tigga, nivalis, gosha, ava.adore, sunako, sencha, jantarrka and minimka.

G and GG cups – do they always stand for “get a reduction”?

Internet and Youtube are full of stupid videos made by people who are complete ignorants about bra-fitting.  Just like this one for example:

It’s totally idiotic, and if you start reading the comments there you’ll come to the conclusions that 95% of them are even more moronic (let’s not be afraid to use this word) than the film itself.  What videos like these do is only to reinforce harmful stereotypes that having bra sizes with cups over DD is something strange, abnormal  etc.(here you can put any other negative adjective). Generally these stereotypes force women to wear bras with D or DD cups (which are considered “normal”) and much too wide bands. Even if any of these women who wear bad sizes happens to enter a store with a real bra-fitting, she’s often shocked to hear that she should wear a 34FF or 34G instead of 38D that she always used to wear, what’s more she may get hysterical saying – I can’t/don’t have such big breasts. And refuse to wear a correct size because of that. This is what we call a “letterphobia” – this fear of wearing DD+ cups.

We  fight with these painful stereotypes. The Lobby organises numerous bra-fitting events and members try to promote the idea wherever and whenever possible. I’d like to present you the latest initiative by butters77 G and GG busts. Dear ladies, look at this photograph.

The caption under the photo says: Don’t believe the stereotypes – G cup is a size like any other –   (biger photo in the link – you can zoom it more than twice there). The point is – all the women shown on it wear G or GG cups with different bands. What’s more, almost all of them wear British G/GG cups, which means if they wanted a continental bra size they would have to go for J, K or L cups

Are these huge, enormous breasts? No, as you can see they vary in size. There are some smaller breasts that sport 60G or 60GG and some bigger ones with 85G but none of them reaches the proportions that were show in this idiotic video from Youtube.

And the bras themselves. Aren’t they beautiful? There’s a huge difference between lingerie that you can buy in so called “normal” shops that don’t carry all the sizes and the ones that do have them available (no matter if they are online or real ones). The bras that I an M were given  when we were doing the research here in Lisbon didn’t even resemble  the ones from the photo by butters77. Frankly speaking they were ugly (though it’s also a matter of taste, and as they say, you don’t discuss taste) . And much more expensive than these colourful, lacy bras that we normally buy.

Ladies, take a look at your breasts. Look around yourselves too. Look at the breasts of your mothers, sisters, daughters, cousins, girlfriends etc. How many of you have similar busts but yet  choose to squeeze them into cups that are too small for them and bands that are much too wide and don’t provide support?

What has a correct bra size given to me?

Why am I trying to convince you all to get a correct bra size? They are not even available at the shops… Why are all these women (and girls) writing their own blogs about bra fitting or setting up forums about the same subject? After all a bra is not really something that is visible under your clothes so why should you care about it???

Well, those of you who have been following my blog already know that the statement from the last sentence is not true. A bra does influence your silhuette even though it’s hidden, it also influences your comfort and also some other things that you may have not thought of considering them “normal”.

I would like to show you what the women from Big Boobed Women’s Lobby and Small Boobed Womens Lobby say about changing of bra size. Let them tell you what happeded to them, their breasts, figures and a general attitude to themselves after switching to their corrct bra size.

 Here we go:

 Aguchiak86 says: “I don’t have to push my breasts into cups whenever I bend down or jump. I look slimmer. I feel more confident. I don’t risk taking someone’s eye out when I work out at an aerobics class. My breast are firmer now, their shape has improved, stretchmarks got smaller.”

 Maheda says:” Before the “enlightening” I measured 87/120cm and shop assistants at Triumph lingerie stores were suggesting 90E or 95E. Do I need to say what I looked like in them? After some time of wearing these 90s and 95s I just had to tie them up on the back to get a little support. If I had to run anywhere I had to hold my breasts – otherwise it was jumping and jiggling in all possible directions. I had two deep, red groves on my shoulders that were always sore at the end of a day. I don’t even mention the hurting spine – it was a nightmare. I was beginning to dream about cutting off these overgrown breasts once and for all. They were not even resembling breasts, they just looked like flat dangling potato sacks. 

Now I’ve been wearing good sizes for more or less a year. My first impression – from the very start – my breasts are really high in this bra. Second impression – Gosh, I can run.  Other people were saying:” My God, you really got slimmer.” or “Excuse me for asking, did you … have a breast lifting?”(…) Generally my breasts look like breasts now. They are rounder firmer, the nipples are high. Soon I may even be able to wear halfcups.  And a funny thing, my breasts look smaller in good sizes…”

Maith says: “Before: When it turned out that a 75D is too small for me I was given an 80D. Or even 85D. What were the results? I had to adjust my bra continously as it just wouldn’t stay in one place, my breast were trying to escape under the cups (as the band was too loose). When I was running (for example to catch a bus) I had to hold my breasts to prevent them from jumping (it hurt). When I wanted to exercise I had to sew the bra on me to make it steady, The first thing that I did at home was to get rid of my bra because it felt uncomfortable. It was like a nightmare. 

After switching to a correct bra size, it suddenly turned to be immobile. Nothing moves now. I don’t need to adjust anything. The breasts have no chance of escaping from the cups. I just put it on in the morning and remove it in the evening before bedtime. I forget about it during the day – it’s so comfortable. And it supports my breasts. When I exercise I use a sports bra or my everyday bra if it’s a low impact activity. It’s enough.”

 The_mariska says: “ Bulges of fat that used to be under my armpits have disappeared (I thought they were the result of the fact that I’m fat). The cups don’t cut into my breasts making me look as if I had 4 breasts. I don’t need to shorten the straps to the maximum to have the breasts at the correct height and suffer from them digging into my shoulders. And these ugly groves are disappearing too. I stopped being frustrated shopping for a bra, Whenever I used to do it I ended up thinking I was looking hopeless after trying on thousands of bras in different stores. I dicovered other bras rather than push-ups and also the fact that I can look better wearing these soft ones. My roommates stopped laughing me because of my breasts “going for a walk”. And all of these because of you!:) You’re great!

Zefirelka says: “I look much better, slimmer and more proportional to my height. Even without a bra my breasts have a better shape. It’s easier now to buy fitting clothes. It’s a surprise actually, that now with my breasts higher more clothes fit me fell. I know that bras for me do exist and I don’t come back crying after shopping for lingerie anymore. I’m happier and more confident. I look better and I feel better because of it.

 Ganbaja says: “ I used to hate my breasts. These ugly, dangling huge sacks… I thought that the band rode up my back was because they were strange. I dreamt about breast surgery – wanted to remove them completely. When men were looking at them I felt really disgusted and pissed. I couldn’t run without holding my breasts with my hands, whenever I bent down they were spilling of the cups.  More, my skin was constantly chafed in summer.  Shame, shame. I’d only wear turtle necks and other concealing garments.  I used to hunch my back and have a lot of back pain.

And now?: I just love decolletage. I love my breasts. I wouldn’t even mind if they got bigger. I feel more confident. I’m still 10 kg overweight but I look better in every outfit. And everybody claims though that I look 8 kg slimmer. Isn’t it beautiful? And and I don’t mind men looking at my breasts anymore.”

Vesper_lynd says: “ The breasts are at its correct place, not lower (…) I suddenly discovered that I have a WAIST. My breasts are firmer and rounder. I’m so happy about it. And I didn’t believe it. At the age of 20 something (no kids) my breasts were sagging, I had stretch marks and bulges, It’s a year now since I got converted to wearing a correct size and the results are incredible – no bulges, they just disappeared. My frame measurement got smaller by 4 cm (I didn’t lose weight), the breasts grew from 98-99 to 102-103. They are round and firm.

Only advantages. As you said – without surgery, dieting, miracle lotions etc. Only a correct size of bra did it all.”

Aadrianka says:” Bulges under my armpits have disappeared. My breasts don’t move anymore too. Well, if I jump wildly then something may move a bit but now no bus will escape me. I say I wear a 65G. When everybody stares surprised at me and asks: “Eeeee, what???? How much?” I add: “ A British 65G, in continental sizing it’s 65J.” Even more surprised they say: “but you don’t have big breasts…”. I say: “ exactly” and leave them thinking hard (…)

Schaetzen says:” (…) Finally I have beautiful lingerie. I stopped thinking something must be wrong with me if I can’t buy a right size for me (…)

Antyka says: (…)I like buying lingerie now. I stopped thinking about breasts reduction. Stopped being jealous of otherwomen with smallerbreasts.   Well, there’s one disadvantege: I went into red…”

Effuniak says: “ I lost all my (old) bras. I just have one. But I got back my breasts, I have my first soft bra. My husband touches a sponge only when he bathes.”

 Asiabbasia says:” First advantages:  no spillage, no having to readjust the bra every moment (how could I have functioned like that), when I run I’m not afraid that my breast will fall out from the cups. I’more confident, I even start to like myself (even though I still have several kg more than I would like to).

Now for “negative advantages”:  where are my savings?!?!?!? (well, probably in my lingerie drawer – all these Masquaredes, Freyas and Panache bras)I’m starting to have an obsession about breasts, mine in particular.   Yes, I am obessed, I look at every women’s breasts trying to see if her bra is correct size. I got addicted to the forum.   I got addicted to shopping online (thus point no 1).

Larenata says: I used to wear a 75B, now I have 65E.  I stopped feeling bad about having small breasts – they are still quite small but they look much better.   I look much better in tight fitting tops.   My breasts are forgetting what gravity is.  They are firmer.  I feel good about buying bras online. When I asked for a band 65 in an average lingerie shop, the reaction was:”Yyyy, 65??? Do they exist? Aren’t they for teenagers?” or “ We have only 65A”.   And I have a mission, to educate women about bras so I talk about brafitting to anybody that is willing to listen,

Sylwiastka says:”Before I had much complex – I didn’t like and accept my breasts and body. I didn’t feel feminine. I used to cover my breasts with heavily padded push ups. I had to adjust my bras all the time.Now: complex about my looks is over. I’m young and I feel feminine, I like my body. I don’t have to adjust my bra. And I got to know what a great forum community means. Girls, you are fantastic!:)

Eriu says:”I started to like my breasts. They finally have a good shape and I don’t need to be ashamed of them. I love seeing myself in a mirror wearing a bra or without it. I started to feel more attractive in general too.(…) Thanks to the Lobby I’m discovering the world of soft, sexy bras I always wanted to have.”

Yaza0701: “Well, I’m only 18 years old but I already managed to harm my breasts. I used to wear only push-ups that were too small and were only flattening my boobs on the chest. I started to wear a correct size in August, I got 7cm of breast tissue back during 2 months and from what I see under my armpits it’s not over yet.  I was always the one with the smallest breasts in the class, I used to wear a 75A from Intimissimi and I never expected to wear anything more than heavily padded push ups. I didn’t like my breasts, it was ugly and was starting to sag . (…) Now? I’m just going to have a “studniowka” party at my school and I’m wondering what bra to buy for it. I’m really looking forward to a night of wild dancing knowing I won’t need to adjust anything and my decolletage will be stunning. I have bigger, rounder breasts. I migrated from 60D-DD to 60F-FF. If it wasn’t for the fact that it’s cold I would be wearing tight fitting tops with my new soft bras all the time. I just don’t know how I could have wasted all those years wearing push ups.  I’m not amused by seeing women with big breasts wearing incorrect bra sizes. I just feel like grabbing her and shouting:” Girl, change it! You’ll suffer! Get rid of this crap!” Each woman, big or small breasted, has become like a sister to me. Every male friend of mine gets a whack on the head if he happens to say something negative about any woman’s breasts. There are no untypical breasts, each of us is beautiful.”

Faforzyca says:”(…) Now I’m not afraid that when I take off my bra I take off my breasts too. Anyway, I always felt that wearing enhencing bras was just deceiving yourself and others.”

100krotna says:”(…) I’m starting to be narcissistic(…) I don’t wonder anymore what to buy to boost my mood – always a bra. (…) Men say:”If I were a woman I would touch my breasts all the time” – it seems I’m a man, I touch and touch them and it feels wonderful (or maybe I shouldn’t admit to it?)

Natashka says” (…) It’s better than a breast surgery, a change from 67/83-4 to 68/93. I just can’t believe it myself.” 

Yarshiva says:” My boobs are gorgeous. I’m so delighted with them. I would look at them in a mirror all the time and touch them:) I love you, girls, I love my breasts:) (…)”

Biljana says: “It’s the first time in my life that I have a soft bra and I do have breasts wearing it. And they are mine, it’s not a sponge from push ups (…) I feel really feminine and sexy. Apart from that the Lobby and bra fitting mission gives a sense of community and sisterhood. It’s a real feminizm”

There are many more statements from the already “converted to wearing a correct bra size”, you can find them here:,32203,75213023,,Co_mi_dala_zmiana_rozmiaru_stanika_na_wlasciwy_.html?s=0 and here:,50580,80316287,80316287,Co_mi_dala_zmiana_rozmiaru_stanika_na_wlasciwy_.html (if you happen to have somebody that speaks Polish next to you:) ) However there are over 300 post there so for obvious reasons I can’t quote them all here… Anyway I think I gave you a representative sample – from big, avarege and small breasted women who described not only the changes these bras did to their breast but also to their overall attitude to their body etc.

What do you think? Did the girls convince you that it’s worth trying?

Edit: I just found a nice thread on 32D  where a woman expresses her feelings after being fitted.

Bra-fitting blogs and communities, part 5

If you have been following the articles about bra fitting blogs and communities you may start to get an impression that this subject is popular only in Poland… It’s not entirely true… There are communities and blogs that you can join or read if you don’t speak Polish. I have to admit though, that several of them were set up by Polish women;)

Those of you who know German can check out: a forum about bra fitting for small and big breasted women. One of the mods of this forum, Aqua (ja_joanna on the Polish forum) says: “A lot of German women are very sceptical about tight bands and migration of boobs. But there are quite some who don’t believe at first, but they still try it and find out it works. Then they come back to the forum to admit it” The other one, Nirmena (aadrianka on the Polish forum) says:” The forum of Busenfreundinnen is growing very fast. We get a lot of thank you emails and post, which is very nice. We have a few very nice girls who learned how to advice about bra fitting and now help with moderating the forum”. My German is not really very good, I would rather say it’s very basic, so I don’t really follow what goes on on there, however I would like to thank you girls for linking to my blog:)

Another place which used to be a bra -desert is Czech but thanks to Vsechno o podprsenkach and Busthalter women there can also find out what a correct size of bra can do for their breasts. The lobbying even spread to Lithuania with the blog of Iskirpte. Those who speak French can check out where Polish lobbyists compiled and translated the basic rules of bra fitting.

 If you speak English only, there are also quite a lot of places you can visit. I suppose you have heard about Busts 4 Justice, a group of dissatisfied costumers who demand that Marks and Spencer should level the prices of G+ bras to the ones with smaller cup. Other ones in English that are worth visiting are: , Busting out, Thirty-two-D, Boobius Maximus and Knickersblog, the blog of eternal voyager on as well as 80B doesnt’ exist at

How does it sound to you? It seems that there are quite a lot of us even though I didn’t really mention everyody and every blog or community on the subject. What’s more, with time you can only expect more to appear. I know there are women who know their correct bra size and happen to live in Italy or Hungary who plan to popularize this subject there too…

Bra fitting blogs and communities, part 4

I was silent for a while though my original intention was to post a note every week… Almost 3 weeks have passed since I published the last article… Sorry for that, it’s just my laziness (and addiction to Plants versus Zombies) <oops> I needed a kick to get down to work;)  So, today I’d like to continue introducing Polish blogs about bra fitting.

The first one, 35plus ( ), the one that you can see in the blogroll is written by anna-pia who writes for women over 35 years old who had children, nursed and their breasts are not in tiptop form anymore. What you can find there are opinions and reviews of bras that are best for women of this age. Another blog with reviews of bras is , Nathd writes also about shopping for bras in different shops.

If you want to find out if a given bra is comfortable or not you should check out  (Comfortable and uncomfortable bras). The authors describe in a very detailed way bras that were impossible to wear for them for various and multiple reasons such as rough fabrics or too long underwires etc. (Boobperfection), a blog of ava.adore affirms cone shaped breasts but you can also find reviews of different brands of lingerie as well as advice about bra-fiiting (btw, this is something that you find virtually on every blog about bras written by Lobby Biusciastych users).

Owners of small breasts (but not only) may find reading “Small cup – oasis of small breasts”  and “Stanikowy Matrix” (Bra matrix) entertaining and educational. Ametyst89 and Katinkova, authors of these blogs, fight with stereotypes that are usually associated with small breasted women. One of these stereotypes says that they should only wear push-up bras otherwise they will have no breasts visible at all.

Even teenagers write blogs about bras and brafitting. Wera9954 is the author of Stanikologia (Bralogy)  trying to convince her peers (and whoever unaware reading her blog) to start wearing a correct size of a bra and also warning of consequences of wearing a bad one (a note: how to get yourself spaniel ears shaped boobs in 3 years).

Owners of lingerie shops write blogs too, an example can be, a blog of Agugabi – owner of The most of the contents of her blog though, are “technical” descriptions of bras that are available in her shop. What I mean by technical description is: the length and width of the U, the height and width of the centre gore, the depth of cups, the length of underband – unstretched and stretched to the maximum. These are very important details as all bras (even ones that are declared to be the same size) are different, as they are made of different fabrics, have different elasticity etc etc

These are definitely not all Polish blogs about bras and brafitting – there seemed to be almost an explosion of them recently. That is why I’d like to ask those who were not mentioned above to write about their blogs in the comments though. The authors of the blogs I wrote about can add something too, especially if they feel dissatisfied with my descriptions.

Bra fitting blogs and communities, part 3

 Having written about two main bra-fitting forums and the blog of Stanikomania I would like to continue introducing blogs related with this subject. Today it’s the turn of Balkonetka, “a place for happy breasts”, a blog set up by Mauzonka in March 2008. Balkonetka is a blog about lingerie. As Mauzonka says, she writes about types and cuts of bras – which are better or worse fitting, brands that are worth noticing (meaning with full range of sizes and the bras that are nice looking, well-constructed and good quality), places where you can buy nice lingerie etc etc. There’s also a seperate category on the blog about “Celebrities’ bra sins” – as you can guess, the articles there deal with pop and movie stars that don’t know how to properly dress their assets no matter big or small… Another thing that you can find on Balkonetka is a bra – search engine – Brafinity, which helps you find a given bra on British E-bay and Brastop. The latest initiative Mauzonka’s launching on the blog, is a survey for the Best Polish Online Lingerie Shop, Best Polish Lingerie Shop and Best Foreign Lingerie Shop.

Last spring Balkonetka gained new functionalities. First of all, you can log on to it and set up your profile with an avatar, signature and size. You also get your “drawer” where you can put photographs of lingerie (btw, some readers already demand a “wardrobe” saying a drawer is too small…). Why such a function? The readers of Balkonetka put photographs of themselves in various bras asking about opinion, if just bought bras are well fitting or not, like for example here: – this girl is not sure if the bra fits well , and the advice she gets suggest to try putting on the bra slightly higher or trying a different band size or also another cut of bra. Other photographs are there to show how a bra really looks on a woman’s body as photographs of lingerie in online shops are heavily retouched with graphic programs – example: . There are also photographs of clothes that fit well curvy women – meaning they have enough space for breast but at the same time they are not baggy at the waist, just like this dress from a Polish brand of Biubiu: Another “category” are photos showing badly fitted bras, which serve kind of “educational” function: The moment I’m writing this, the gallery of bras already has 216 pages , hosting more than 2000 photographs of bras and curvilicious clothes – so you can see how popular it is.

One more functionality that Balkonetka gained last spring is a forum where readers can discuss lingerie and other subjects. And the latest subforum – Bra Swap – where readers can sell bras that don’t fit them anymore, or ones that turned out to be unfitting from the very start.

To sum it up, Balkonetka can be the second most popular blog about bra fitting in Poland with its 15800 visits a month. I can only wish it more popularity and more readers (the same to myself;) )