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Boob-friendly brands – Avocado

I’d like to start introducing Polish lingerie brands that produce, have produced or are starting to produce full range of sizes. The brand that I’d like to begin with is Avocado,  a producer of luxerious lingerie for bigger breasted women. The company is not a newbie, they have been on the market already for several years. I remember seeing their first ads in women’s magazines 7 years ago, then visiting their website and salivating at all those beautiful bras.I wanted to have them all. They were quite different from what was available for us in normal shops. First of all, they had D+ cups (up to H), and secondly bras were made of French lace, had intricate embroidery etc They didn’t like like beige tents that we had to buy from most lingerie stores at that time. Here I must admit that a lot of Polish women still haven’t got over this trauma of beige tents – they simply refuse to buy bras in this colour (irrespective of how practical it is) as they were forced to do it for a long time. However there was a little snag too,  Avocado prices were kind of crazy… Out of reach for an average woman with an “average” Polish salary. I was really sad as I couldn’t treat myself to everything they had in the catologue:(

A bit later on (2004), I had a sudden influx of cash and I decided to pamper myself and buy 2 bra and thong sets, a white and blue Tutti Frutti and another one – black with red lace embroidery (already don’t remember its name). So I placed an order for 2 75D bras and bottoms and the waiting started – at that time internet shopping wasn’t developped that much as today, and it seemed like forever to receive my package. Finally it arrived, imagine my joy at having two new fancy bras, and the fact that actually their cups were much two small didn’t really matter to me. At that time I had no idea how a bra should fit, the Lobby of Big Boobed women didn’t exist yet and it didn’t even cross my mind that perhaps, I should have chosen a bigger cup – they were available afer all…

Time went on… The bra awereness among (some) brafitters and women started to develop, so did the size range of Avocado. 2008 collection already had bras up to J cup, now even K is available as well as smaller bands such as 60 and 65. However, Avocado’s K is not equal to a British K cup… Actually it was hard to compare it to the British sizing, because the company’s website was missing a proper size chart for along time:( This year when I decided to treat myself to some luxery again (especially due to the fact that some of the bras were on sale;)) I was really wondering what size to take, in the end I decided to take the biggest cup available with a 70 band… Of course later on I was told on the Lobby they might be too big for my British 32GG… Well, it was too late to change the order, so I waited impatiently biting my fingers when I looked at the diminishing stock of ordered bras at the website (meaning less sizes for a potential exchange). However, I had a really nice surprise when I received the parcel with Kabuki, Creole and two CanCans – two latter ones were fitting perfectly, two former were a little too big (but nothing that I small fold couldn’t solve). And the bras were stunning too – I’ve never had a bra such as Kabuki before… Creole was gorgeous either, with its metallic sheen it’s almost like wearing jewelry. CanCans are not as beautiful, but they are still one of my summer favourites.

Avocado has been enjoying positive feedback also from two other Polish bra bloggers, Kasica of Stanikomania wrote a review of Saskia, giving it a 4 out of 5 note, Mauzonka of Balkonetka did another review about Charlotte with equally positive feedback.

The above photograph (from Balkonetka) shows another model of Avocado bra.  I don’t really like beige bras, I hardly ever wear them – I have one, but I could wear a beige bra like Charlotte. What about you?

I just wonder when the size range of the brand increases even more to accommodate British J and K cups… A size chart is already on the website, so it’s easier to choose a fitting bra. Looking at it you can notice that “a jump” between cups is quite big, bigger than in British bras – where it’s 2,5cm (an inch),  Avocado’s cups grow every 4cm. It seems that the website is being reorganized too – I hope it means it will be possible to pay by credit/debit cards and PayPal. An English version of the website is being prepared too (though it’s not there yet), so non-Polish speakers will be able to order lingerie from Avocado either.