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From 80C to 70H or why most women still wear bad bra sizes?

Recently when I was browsing through my old photographs I came across one that gave me an idea for this note (and also another one for the other blog). The photo shows me wearing one of my old bras from the times when I wasn’t bra-conscious plus a top (of course:) ). As I still had access to that old top a decided to make another photo, this time in a well fitted bra just to see the difference. Here’s the result:

The old bra is a 80C(36C) from Victoria’s Secret (yes, I used to think that this brand was a bra paradise), the bra that I wear on the right photograph is an Effuniak 70H(32H). There is a difference, isn’t there? And I must say that the old photograph shows me when I was actually 2 kg less than now… And still, a well fitted bra makes me optically lose even more than these two kilos….

And the bad effect you see above is an everyday bread to a lot of women. Big brands as VS, and also media showing incorrect women’s body image are the culprits who force women into believing that a look shown on the pics below is ok.


And mind you, these are photos from VS fashion show, where not everything may happen to be fitted correctly. Even Panache happens to dress their models into bad sizes as kasica shows here. However it seems that VS should learn a lot from Panache about fitting models into lingerie. Other films made by kasica at the shows of spring/summer collection  don’t show too many examples  of bad fit as the one with Masquerade. Victoria’s Secret’s website and catalogues show that they don’t have an idea about how a bra should fit  too. Have a look at some of photos from their website:

Really, a ton of examples of badly fitted bras. And they make the same errors as they did on their show(s) – too wide bands for all these slim girls and too small cups. The problem is that  VS is not the only one providing examples of bad fit for the public.  The internet is full of images of celebs, models and also ordinary women wearing incorrectly fitted lingerie (or clothes that don’t allow enough space for the breasts).

 The garments that the girls above are wearing on their breast can be only called nipple covers… These pieces of cloths don’t deserve the name of a bra.

I must say it seems like a constant fight… To convince all women that don’t know their correct size yet and believe that what they get from big brands is ok…

The most common mistakes in choosing a bra

The first article of the blog showed you that you can’t really expect to get a good bra fitting in lingerie shops. Now I want to pinpoint the exact mistakes that most women make when they choose a bra (or have it chosen for them by somebody else).


Figure A shows a badly fitted bra. Why? First of all, the cups are too small – arrow 1 points to a bulge caused by one of them, arrow 2 shows an underwire that is too narrow and doesn’t encompass the whole breast. There’s another bulge under the armpit because of it (however I can’t draw it, sorry, it will be shown better on the next figure). The end of the underwire should aim into the middle of your armpit and circle around the whole breast.  Secondly the underband of the bra is too loose and rides up on the back while it should stay horizontal no matter what you do – arrow 3. Due to the looseness of the underband the breasts have no support, they are not lifted and just sag down. You could probably get the same effect without a bra (apart from having 2 additional pairs of boobs over the cups and under the armpits).                                                               


Figure B shows a half profile of the another badly fitted bra. Here bulging under armpits caused by too narrow underwires is clearly visible – arrows 1 and 2. You may say “Oh, this is because I’m fat”. Well, this is fat, but this fat isa part of  your bust and should be contained in the cup. Wearing a right size – with the cups that are big enough and underband that is supportive can help you get rid of them.  Arrow 4 shows what happens to the front of underwires – this part of the bra should normally lie flat on your sternum, here it doesn’t. Moreover, this size is so badly fitted that the breasts simply peek out from under the cups on the bottom – arrow 3 (this checkered part).


Finally figure C shows a badly fitted bra on the back. With the band riding up (remember it should be horizontal), and some bulges under the armpits. What is not visible, is that the bulge on the back that was caused by the riding up underband. It simply takes some of the flesh with it and pushes it up (especially for those of us who have more fat than desirable).  What amazes me here,  is that even women and girls with relatively small breasts have problems with the underband that rides up. Normally it’s the girls and women with relatively big breasts that suffer from it. Which makes me think… How much TOO LOOSE are these underbands???

Why does the band ride up? Well, firstly because it’s too loose, and secondly because it’s pulled up by straps. I will explain… Your breasts may be big and heavy (or even not) so obviously you want to get them lifted up so you shorten the straps of your bra. But the band of it is too loose to stay in one place so it’s pulled up. If your breasts are really heavy, sooner or later the straps will leave a red, painful and permanent groove in your shoulders.

I would like you now to make an experiment,  just stand in front of your mirrors and remove your tops. Look at your bras and how they fit you. How many of you can say –“ I don’t have any bulges, the underwires encompass my whole breasts and the front of them lies flat on my sternum, the band doesn’t ride up, the shoulder straps don’t dig in etc etc”

I want to show you now how the whole silhuette changes when you have a properly fitted bra. I was really amazed when I first saw these photographs and read the articles. They come from the Polish blog of Stanikomania (which means Bramania) by kasica_k.


This is Jagoda. She measures 75cm under her breasts and 110 cm around breasts. The effect you see on the photos is not a joke or photoshop or breast reduction. It’s just her right size. So why did she have to put up in 90E (continental sizes)??? I remind you, these digits before a letter mean how many centimeters an underband has. If you have, say 100cm around your hips you don’t buy trousers for 115cm. Here, for a long time Jagoda was forced to buy a bra with an underband that was by 15cm too loose just because it had bigger cups that more or less contained her breasts. But that was a reality of the Polish market. And unfortunately it’s the same here – even exclusive shops don’t offer full range of sizes.  

Luckily for herself Jagoda discovered British brands and online lingerie stores like www.bravissimo.com  www.figleaves.co.uk  www.brastop.com etc. as well as British Ebay which is full of bras.

Some of you may say: “but she has big boobs, I have my 70A (or 70B or 75B, whatever) it’s not for me”. Well, take a look.

This  pair of photos comes from Stanikomania too and they show “polka w Brukseli” – a slim girl measuring 65/82cm.  The photo on the left shows her in a heavily padded push up – 70? ( no letter for the cup, just size S), on the other one she’s wearing a 60(28)DD – a Freya Arabella bra which is made of sheer mesh with absolutely no padding. Well, why are polka’s breasts bigger in a soft bra than in a padded push up??? 


Just to prove that I’m not lying about no padding in Arabella – the right photograph comes from Brastop.com and shows this bra.

To read full stories of Jagoda and “polka w Brukseli” and many more go to: http://stanikomania.blox.pl/strony/BrafittingEnglish.html