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Bra fitting blogs and communities, part 4

I was silent for a while though my original intention was to post a note every week… Almost 3 weeks have passed since I published the last article… Sorry for that, it’s just my laziness (and addiction to Plants versus Zombies) <oops> I needed a kick to get down to work;)  So, today I’d like to continue introducing Polish blogs about bra fitting.

The first one, 35plus ( http://35plus.blox.pl/html ), the one that you can see in the blogroll is written by anna-pia who writes for women over 35 years old who had children, nursed and their breasts are not in tiptop form anymore. What you can find there are opinions and reviews of bras that are best for women of this age. Another blog with reviews of bras is http://nathd.blox.pl/html , Nathd writes also about shopping for bras in different shops.

If you want to find out if a given bra is comfortable or not you should check out  http://wygodne.eu.org/blog/  (Comfortable and uncomfortable bras). The authors describe in a very detailed way bras that were impossible to wear for them for various and multiple reasons such as rough fabrics or too long underwires etc.  http://www.biuperfekcja.pl/ (Boobperfection), a blog of ava.adore affirms cone shaped breasts but you can also find reviews of different brands of lingerie as well as advice about bra-fiiting (btw, this is something that you find virtually on every blog about bras written by Lobby Biusciastych users).

Owners of small breasts (but not only) may find reading “Small cup – oasis of small breasts” http://smallcup.blox.pl/html  and “Stanikowy Matrix” (Bra matrix)  http://b75.blox.pl/htmlboth entertaining and educational. Ametyst89 and Katinkova, authors of these blogs, fight with stereotypes that are usually associated with small breasted women. One of these stereotypes says that they should only wear push-up bras otherwise they will have no breasts visible at all.

Even teenagers write blogs about bras and brafitting. Wera9954 is the author of Stanikologia (Bralogy) http://stanikologia.blox.pl/html  trying to convince her peers (and whoever unaware reading her blog) to start wearing a correct size of a bra and also warning of consequences of wearing a bad one (a note: how to get yourself spaniel ears shaped boobs in 3 years).

Owners of lingerie shops write blogs too, an example can be http://onlyher.blox.pl/html, a blog of Agugabi – owner of onlyher.pl. The most of the contents of her blog though, are “technical” descriptions of bras that are available in her shop. What I mean by technical description is: the length and width of the U, the height and width of the centre gore, the depth of cups, the length of underband – unstretched and stretched to the maximum. These are very important details as all bras (even ones that are declared to be the same size) are different, as they are made of different fabrics, have different elasticity etc etc

These are definitely not all Polish blogs about bras and brafitting – there seemed to be almost an explosion of them recently. That is why I’d like to ask those who were not mentioned above to write about their blogs in the comments though. The authors of the blogs I wrote about can add something too, especially if they feel dissatisfied with my descriptions.

Bra fitting blogs and communities, part 3

 Having written about two main bra-fitting forums and the blog of Stanikomania I would like to continue introducing blogs related with this subject. Today it’s the turn of Balkonetka, “a place for happy breasts”, a blog set up by Mauzonka in March 2008. Balkonetka is a blog about lingerie. As Mauzonka says, she writes about types and cuts of bras – which are better or worse fitting, brands that are worth noticing (meaning with full range of sizes and the bras that are nice looking, well-constructed and good quality), places where you can buy nice lingerie etc etc. There’s also a seperate category on the blog about “Celebrities’ bra sins” – as you can guess, the articles there deal with pop and movie stars that don’t know how to properly dress their assets no matter big or small… Another thing that you can find on Balkonetka is a bra – search engine – Brafinity, which helps you find a given bra on British E-bay and Brastop. The latest initiative Mauzonka’s launching on the blog, is a survey for the Best Polish Online Lingerie Shop, Best Polish Lingerie Shop and Best Foreign Lingerie Shop.

Last spring Balkonetka gained new functionalities. First of all, you can log on to it and set up your profile with an avatar, signature and size. You also get your “drawer” where you can put photographs of lingerie (btw, some readers already demand a “wardrobe” saying a drawer is too small…). Why such a function? The readers of Balkonetka put photographs of themselves in various bras asking about opinion, if just bought bras are well fitting or not, like for example here: http://balkonetka.pl/katalog/bra/fauve-nicole-nior – this girl is not sure if the bra fits well , and the advice she gets suggest to try putting on the bra slightly higher or trying a different band size or also another cut of bra. Other photographs are there to show how a bra really looks on a woman’s body as photographs of lingerie in online shops are heavily retouched with graphic programs – example: http://balkonetka.pl/katalog/bra/panache-masquerade-annalise . There are also photographs of clothes that fit well curvy women – meaning they have enough space for breast but at the same time they are not baggy at the waist, just like this dress from a Polish brand of Biubiu: http://balkonetka.pl/katalog/bra/biubiu-szara-eminencja-40bbb Another “category” are photos showing badly fitted bras, which serve kind of “educational” function: http://balkonetka.pl/katalog/bra/model-wstawiony-w-celach-naukowych The moment I’m writing this, the gallery of bras already has 216 pages , hosting more than 2000 photographs of bras and curvilicious clothes – so you can see how popular it is.

One more functionality that Balkonetka gained last spring is a forum where readers can discuss lingerie and other subjects. And the latest subforum – Bra Swap – where readers can sell bras that don’t fit them anymore, or ones that turned out to be unfitting from the very start.

To sum it up, Balkonetka can be the second most popular blog about bra fitting in Poland with its 15800 visits a month. I can only wish it more popularity and more readers (the same to myself;) )

Bra fitting blogs and communities, part 2

There are a lot of blogs and and quite some forums about bra fitting in Poland as well as in other countries. I already introduced two of these communities to you – Big-boobed women’s Lobby and Small-boobed women’s Lobby. Today I would like you to meet kasica_k – author of Stanikomania (Bra-mania – “booby” state of mind)– the blog I was mentioning a lot of times in my previous notes. The blog that won for “the blogger of the year 2007” in “life” category as well as came first the internauts’ vote. It got the second place in the same contest the following year. In “Blog of the year” contest organized by a different website (Onet.pl), Stanikomania got to the finals and was nominated for the first place twice, however it didn’t win.

Here’s what kasica_k herself says about her blog (very modestly – in 3rd person;) ):

“Stanikomania (Bra-mania) – a blog set up in 2007 by a larger busted woman who wanted to share with others everything she has learned about bra-fitting and DD+-bras. Having gained a considerable popularity, the author was interviewed several times on tv and press, including daily newspapers and women’s magazines. This helped her convince thousands of women in Poland that “size does matter” and that a well-fitting bra is essential for comfort and good looks. She inspired many women to go into lingerie business or become proffessional bra-fitters. Her purpose is also to promote Polish companies and shops that produce or sell good DD+ bras so that every woman could easily get a properly fitted and nice looking bra. Some of them say that it is her who convinced them that it is a good idea to extend the size range and to start caring about their DD+ customers’ needs.”

Kasica writes about her passion – beautiful lingerie. She writes reviews of bras, after each one a good number of her readers tell themselves a mantra “I don’t need another bra, I don’t need another bra, I don’t need another bra….” She has a “busts alive” section where she demonstrates what happens to women’s figures after changing bra size – these articles are illustrated by real photographs sent by her readers. A lot of women got inspired to change their bra size after reading them indeed as the differences are striking. Some of these articles are also available in English – with more to be added (hopefully soon). She writes about what is available on the market and where– new collections or bargains and shops with full range of sizes. She also organises a “contest for sexiest bra” (2007 winner was Freya Arabella, in 2008 it was Masquarade Antoinette (D-G range) and Panache Sienna (GG+ range) ). As an author of a popular blog about bra fitting she was also asked for help creating a new Bra-fitter calculator application for iPhone. If you are interested just check out:  http://bra-fitter.info/

Stanikomania continues to be one of the most popular blogs about bra-fitting in Poland. This year it’s also taking part in “blog of the year” contest (organised by Onet – one of Polish popular websites). Who will you help kasica win this year?

edit:  Latest news: Stanikomania just won The Blog of the Year contest in “my hobbies and passions” category.  Congratulations:)  And here’s a link to a movie with a short interview with kasica_k done at the gala.

Bra-fitting communities, part 1

  Lingerie, bras and bra-fitting may seem a not very serious subject to write a blog about. However there are already a lot of communities and blogs about it. In most of previous articles I was mentioning Lobby Biusciastych (Big-Boobed Women’s Lobby), Stanikomania and Balkonetka , and they are not the only ones. There are much more… I would like to start introducing online brafitting communities with Polish Lobby Biusciastych (Big-Boobed Women’s Lobby) and a sister forum – Lobby Malobiusciastych ( Small-Boobed Women’s Lobby).

Big Boobed Women’s Lobby was set up by butters77 in 2005. Its main function was to help big boobed women find nice and well-fitted bras. At the beginning participants of the forum were sharing information about shops where they could find nice bras with cups bigger than D. But lack of full range of sizes in shops wasn’t the only problem the forum was trying to deal with. It was also incompetance (and arrogance) of shop assistants who were saying that “sizes bigger than D don’t exist” or “if you want an F cup you can only get 90F”. What do you think were the results of such an approach? “Apart from having to wear unfitting and uncomfortable bras for years, a lot of women were forced into believing that their breasts were “abnormal”, “overgrown” ,“outsized” as they didn’t fit into “standard”… This was what the Lobby wanted to fight with, these stereotypes stating that a big breasted woman is always fat or that cups F, G or H are gigantic or push-up bras are the best for small breasted women.” says butters77.

 It soon turned out that there are quite a lot of big-boobed women… What’s more, it turned out that small boobed women also have problems with well-fitting bras, so the Lobby started to be a place of exchanging information about bra fitting as such. However, later on it started to be apparent that small breast have slightly different needs than big breasts. Cuts of bras that were good for big breasts were not always perfect for small breasts etc. That’s when Small-Boobed Women’s Lobby was created, 3 years after the creation of Big Boobed Women’s Lobby.

That was a few words about history. Now let’s talk about numbers:

  • – 4 years from the start the forum already reached 200000 posts, the younger forum is close to 50000;
  • – the thread “what bra size should I wear” where experienced brafitters advice “novices” has its 43 part, each part  having 500 posts, the forum for small breasted women has 14 of them;
  • – there’s a thread listing all bra manufecturers were users share their experiences of wearing particular bras;
  • – there are threads about good “real” lingerie stores and online shopping;

The participants of the forum “lobby around” spreading the knowledge about brafitting anywhere they can – female relatives, friends, etc. They also do it in a more “organised” way at bra fitting events in shops, schools, local community centres etc.

What’s more, the forum started to be noticed by press and media. So far there have been more than 40 articles in the press and TV or radio appearances where the subject of bra-fitting, the Lobby and other brafitting blogs showed up. The topic of bra fitting has been appearing repeatedly in women’s magazines too. Polish bra manufecturers noticed the force of the Lobby either – more and more of them are widening their range of sizes by introducing small bands like 60 and 65, and also cups bigger than D… reaching up even to something as “exotic” as cup J and higher… (remember though that continental J is much smaller than British J cup). There are more and more lingerie shops offering full range of sizes too. Last year especially there was a real “explosion”of them. More than 20 new shops, both real and online were set up, apart from that ones that already existed which opened new branches. If you didn’t check out a bra-map of the world, do it now and see how many there are… Despite all these positive changes there’s still a lot of ignorance and some women still have a terrible time buying bras in quite a lot of shops. However, remember that 4 years ago there was almost nothing in Poland… Well, maybe two brands…