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How to get yourself a beautiful and cheap bra in your correct size?

You don’t like something about your bra situation? You think the choice available to you is too small? Bras are too expensive? You can’t buy your (correct) size in the nearest lingerie shop? Face the truth: nothing will change unless you do something. Don’t just sit, act!

These are the words of Turzyca, a lobbyist, starting a new thread on the LB forum. The thread about bra lobbying, about changing a bra reality, spreading the knowledge about bra fitting. The great thread that already has gathered a lot of ways to better the bra choice and the amount of good bra shops available. Today I’d like to share them with you so you can start acting too.


Ask about your new correct size at shops that you used to frequent, especially if they remember you. Let this be a signal that they are losing a costumer because of this. If they tell you that you’re just another woman who read all this nonsense in the internet, just answer:”It may be nonsense, but it works. Now my bra fits better and it’s more comfortable.” Ask about a full range of bra sizes in shops that you go to anyway. You may discover a good one…

Generally if you do your lobbying in shops it’s better to be nice and polite – you can chat with shop assistants about designs, colours and sizes and mention that you have friends who need similar sizes that you do. You can say that another shop that happens to have them, sells everything fast because its costumers share information about it online. You maybe lucky and get to talk to the shop manager…

However, sometimes you may encounter salespersons that are simply so thick-headed, stubborn and closed-minded that it’s hard not to get irrited. In such sitations, don’t let them just get rid of you – shock them, lift your top and show your perfectly fitting new bra. Show that such sizes do exist. Something like that stays in mind, they remember it better than just your words.


Are you active online on various fora and other social networks? Try some lobbying there. Why not start a thread about bra-fitting at one of those? Especially if it’s a women’s forum… Or start your own subforum about bra fitting… However if you want to do some bra-size advising, evaluate how good your bra knowledge is before doing it… Maybe it would be better to wait and learn a bit more. Consider also how much time you can devote to it – being a mod or admin of a forum takes time…This solution may require more than one person to do it.

Alternatively you can just add a signature that is a link to a bra-fitting forum or blog about it.

You can also use the link signature in your e-correspondence, especially private one. “Break out of Bra Matrix” may not sound the best in a business letter or a job application;)

React to every bra/breast related piece of news online. And there are quite a lot of them – all these snippets of information about celebrities and their outfits and/or bras/breasts etc. If you read commentaries under them you can often find desperate girls and women who can’t find a bra for their gigantic 36/38DD. You can help them – give links to where they can find information about sizes and shops. You can also find them under more or less scientific texts about breasts – react there too. In general – pay attention to all bra related information in the media irrespective of their correctness. Just show you care, write, call, stay interested in every way so that this subject stops being treated as something not serious. Show that there are (quite) a lot of us and let them get used to this situation where the subject of bra fitting is more and more widely discussed.

Another way of spreading bra knowledge online can be starting your own blog in any language… (that’s what I did). You can also write articles to local papers, or even a school newspaper. Try to get any access to any media – press, radio, TV. Even a short note or TV/radio appearance may help.


Print out Tips for Tits * and leave it around all types of place where women gather – fitness studios changing rooms, beauty salons and hairdressers… If your hairdresser/beautician is a sensible women talk to her and convince her to spread the knowledge too – she has a lot of time for it spending a lot of time with her clients talking about feminine things – and bras and brafitting certainly fall within this category.

Ask your ginecologist, dermatologist or GP for permission to leave Tips for Tits in the waiting room. Get them interested in the subject especially if a correct bra size influenced positively your own health and well-being – no back/neck pain, headaches or chafings. Print out info from the net – there are already some more or less scientific publications about correct sizes influencing health.

Show your new bra in a changing room in your fitness studio or a pool. Smile and admire yourself in a big mirror – this attracts attention. It’s just a pity that bra labels are so small – if only the print on them was three times bigger so that everybody could see…;) Straight up and show the world that you don’t need to adjust your bra, let everybody see that your breast stay up high and proud all day long. Prove that having bigger breasts doesn’t mean they have to be sagging down.


How many women you know wear incorrect bra sizes? Get the information to them too. Get your mum, aunt, grandmum and girlfriends a proper bra fitting. Bring up aware consumers – teach your daugher(s) how to choose a well fitting bra. Let their breasts stay anawere of pain caused by poking in wires and shoulders be free of deep red grooves. In this way you increase the number of demanding costumers. And perhaps your daugher will teach her girlfriends…

Teach your male friends about bra-fitting too. Some of them can be more open to this kind of knowledge than some women are. And your breasts as proof that this works can convince them that it’s worth talking to their girlfriends/wifes about it. They may even recommend you as an expert.


Last but not the leasts write to bra manufacturers. Let them clearly see black on white what is exactly wrong with their offer, no matter if it’s the insuffcient range of sizes or bad construction on bras that don’t agree with women’s anatomy, colours, prices, whatever… Just let them know about it, they won’t change anything without such signals from you. Don’t buy almost fitting easily available sizes at shops – say, you should have 32D which they don’t have but you buy a 34B – which almost fits but… you have bulges everywhere around the rims of cups, the band rides up and your breasts generally sag down. Just don’t add to the statistics saying that avarage women’s bra size is 34B which is not true.

These are definitely not all ways that you can use to spread the bra message around. You can easily come up with other ones. Be smart and don’t let them get rid of you. They throw you out through the door? Come back though the window!

I used/quoted the following lobbyists’ advice: Turzyca, Myszka.xww, kura17, antosia.mama, sineira, malina08, roza_am, swinka-morska, madelaine.eve

* Original of Tips for Tips by butters77,  English translation by nikusz

What does it mean to wear D or DD cups?

Do you remember the note about G and GG cups? I wanted to show you then what G and GG breasts really look like and bust the myths related with the perceived largeness of this cup. Today I want to do the same – but this time I’d like you to have a look at real D and DD cups. Thinking about this cup most people have a picture of big breasts in their mind. If we (I mean – the Lobbyists) try to convince a woman who wears a 34(70)B that her real size is 30D or 30DD, she’s usually shocked to hear that and voices a lot of protests, main of them being “I don’t have such big boobs”.  It’s not only women who misperceive the bra sizes, some bra manufectures are also of an opinion that D and DD cups belong to big boobs and that’s why it’s not necessary to produce bigger ones (as bigger ones can only be worn by some freaks of nature).

It’s high time to finish with this attitude. These harmul stereotypes make millions of women  in the world wear incorrect bra sizes. Ladies (and gentelmen – if any bothers to read this blog) – I’m giving you “Real D and DD busts” in correctly fitted bras- a collage made from photos that readers of Balkonetka post on that blog.  See for yourseves: 

Are these really big breasts????

As you can see, these are slim girls with relatively small breasts. This colage has nothing to do with common belief about “dong” or “double dong” (from that stupid video from you tube that I posted in the note about G and GG cups)…

You may feel suprised though that there are only 28,30,32 and a few 34 bands on the photograph… Well, I agree bands higher than 34 (and also 28Ds) are not really represented here, mainly due to the fact that few wearers of 36 from Balkonetka haven’t sent their consent to use their photographs for this action. I’m still waiting for them to agree, then I’ll be able to replace the collage and show you a more represantative sample.

So far I would like to thank the following girls: alex24, elftherini, magdus, anulla1974, migotka, agugabi, espera_nza, amytyst89, sellenka, minimka, tigga, nivalis, gosha, ava.adore, sunako, sencha, jantarrka and minimka.

G and GG cups – do they always stand for “get a reduction”?

Internet and Youtube are full of stupid videos made by people who are complete ignorants about bra-fitting.  Just like this one for example:

It’s totally idiotic, and if you start reading the comments there you’ll come to the conclusions that 95% of them are even more moronic (let’s not be afraid to use this word) than the film itself.  What videos like these do is only to reinforce harmful stereotypes that having bra sizes with cups over DD is something strange, abnormal  etc.(here you can put any other negative adjective). Generally these stereotypes force women to wear bras with D or DD cups (which are considered “normal”) and much too wide bands. Even if any of these women who wear bad sizes happens to enter a store with a real bra-fitting, she’s often shocked to hear that she should wear a 34FF or 34G instead of 38D that she always used to wear, what’s more she may get hysterical saying – I can’t/don’t have such big breasts. And refuse to wear a correct size because of that. This is what we call a “letterphobia” – this fear of wearing DD+ cups.

We  fight with these painful stereotypes. The Lobby organises numerous bra-fitting events and members try to promote the idea wherever and whenever possible. I’d like to present you the latest initiative by butters77 G and GG busts. Dear ladies, look at this photograph.

The caption under the photo says: Don’t believe the stereotypes – G cup is a size like any other –   (biger photo in the link – you can zoom it more than twice there). The point is – all the women shown on it wear G or GG cups with different bands. What’s more, almost all of them wear British G/GG cups, which means if they wanted a continental bra size they would have to go for J, K or L cups

Are these huge, enormous breasts? No, as you can see they vary in size. There are some smaller breasts that sport 60G or 60GG and some bigger ones with 85G but none of them reaches the proportions that were show in this idiotic video from Youtube.

And the bras themselves. Aren’t they beautiful? There’s a huge difference between lingerie that you can buy in so called “normal” shops that don’t carry all the sizes and the ones that do have them available (no matter if they are online or real ones). The bras that I an M were given  when we were doing the research here in Lisbon didn’t even resemble  the ones from the photo by butters77. Frankly speaking they were ugly (though it’s also a matter of taste, and as they say, you don’t discuss taste) . And much more expensive than these colourful, lacy bras that we normally buy.

Ladies, take a look at your breasts. Look around yourselves too. Look at the breasts of your mothers, sisters, daughters, cousins, girlfriends etc. How many of you have similar busts but yet  choose to squeeze them into cups that are too small for them and bands that are much too wide and don’t provide support?