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How should a bra fit your breasts?

After describing the most common mistakes in choosing a bra I think I can go on and show  how a bra should fit.

Take a look at the first sketch. You can see that the front of the underwires lie flat on the sternum (the part of your body between the breasts) – they also encircle them completely – which will be more visible on the next pair of sketches.

                                                                 sketch 1

Look at the next pair. If you drew a line from the side end of the underwire it would end in the middle of the armpit. Remember the sketches from the last note? Where did the wires ended?   You can also see smooth lines at the edge of the cups – they don’t dig into the breast tissue and they don’t form any spillage over the rim of the cups. The underband is snug around the body and nothing tries to “escape” under it.


And finally a sketch showing the back – you can see that the underband is horizontal – it doesn’t ride up towards the shoulder blades.

                                                                      sketch 4

To sum up: the basic rule of bra fitting says: 85-90% of the support in a bra comes from a tight underband, not the straps.

Secondly, your breast should be fully contained inside the cups – the outline should be smooth. The tissue under your armpits (most of it) is a part of your breast  and should be in the cup too.

Last but not the least, the straps – they shouldn’t be too loose and fall down from your shoulders, and too tight either.

This is how a bra should fit you all day long, no matter what you do, if it moves – up or down or to the sides, or your breasts don’t stay inside the cups it means the size is not good.

Well, how about some practice? Just like in the previous article…  Take your tops off and stand in front of a mirror. Compare bras you have on and how they fit you with the drawings I made. You think your bras are ok??? You’re sure????????  

Well, did you put them on correctly? 😉

At this moment you probably think: “What is she talking about?  Is she making a joke or whatever?”

Do you really know how to put on a bra correctly…….?????

To find out, read on….