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Shopping for bras… part 2

When you shop for bras and you know your real size it’s usually very hard to find it in average lingerie shops. In most cases you just suffer from the ignorance and incompetence of shop assistants. So, are you really doomed to wearing incorrect sizes or buying bras online? (BTW, this is something I want to write about too – try to convince you to use Internet to shop for lingerie, you can expect the one of next articles to be about it). Well, it doesn’t seem that bad… A friend of mine who knows of my interests in bras, has just told me that she had seen an advertisement of a lingerie store with full range of sizes and brafitting. The shop is situated here in Lisbon, so obviously you can expect me to go and investigate for you;) And of course I’ll tell you the results – if the store is really as well stocked as it should be and if the staff’s knowledge of brafitting is more than satisfactory.

I must admit I won’t be very surprised if the owner turns out to have “originated” from bra-fitting forums, any of them… And I really would like it to meet our needs and pass “our brafitting test”… There are at least several bras from Freya spring/summer collection that I would like to buy…;)  If they had them in stock I could try them on befere buying instead of ordering online and then sending them back if they were not fitting well…

Will it become a new arrow on our bra-map of the world??? I’m planning to go there this Saturday to check it out for you (and for me too), so you can expect another article about the results of the investigation or Sunday or Monday…:)