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It’s impossible. A story of BiuBiu

 Have you ever wondered why a big boobed woman finds it so hard to fasten buttons on the front of a shirt or can’t find a nice fitting suit or dress that will fit her breasts and at the same time won’t be baggy at the waist and hips? Why is it like that? Why, in addition to not being able to find a right fitting bra in every lingerie shop, can’t we find right fitting clothes? Don’t you start to have enough of brands that you just pay for the label and get a bad fit and equally often not good quality? You could sometimes say that owners of these big clothes brands don’t have eyes and just don’t see that their products are not suitable for real women – no matter if they have big or small breasts… And actually, if you really think about clothes that don’t fit for whatever reason, it turnes out it’s not only breast area that is problematic. It’s also hips and waist – it seems that being curvy there means problem finding well fitting trousers. Also the length of clothes is problematic – still not enough companies produce different lenghts and small people end up shortening their pants, dresses, skirts etc while tall people look a bit strange in too short clothes…

Maith, a Lobby Biusciatych related blogger from Poland tries to answer some of these questions in her latest article. Dear Ladies, let Maith tell you an impossible story of  BiuBiu (website soon available also in English) – a Polish brand that has made an effort and created clothes that include breast sizes.

This company shouldn’t exist at all. Why? Let me explain this to you in 4 points:

1.BiuBiu sees that women have breasts of different sizes and gives enough space in its clothes for our attributes. Normally brands limit their range of sizes to 4 or 5. They don’t care that we differ much more than that. BiuBiu produces clothes in up to 24 sizes. Let’s visualize this:

Typical brand: 34, 36, 38. 40, 42

BiuBiu: 34B, 34BB, 34BBB, 36B, 36BB, 36BBB, 38B, 38BB, 38BBB, 40B, 40BB, 40BBB, 42B, 42BB, 42BBB, 44B, 44BB, 44BBB, 46B, 46BB, 46BBB, 48B, 48BB, 48BBB

Do you see the difference? This must mean higher costs, so typical brands either produce for the minimum or we may be afraid that BiuBiu will disappear from the market. No, that’s impossible (faithfull customers won’t let it happen). Let’s ask the owner.

Bra-fitting: Kinga, what I understand is that these 24 sizes are a “maximum” version, how many do you have in a “minimum” one? How many sizes do you need to have to produce it at all?

BiuBiu: I don’t know how to answer this exactly. I don’t make such assumptions. I create my designs, think up the construction, I sew them and then test them on real women, put some amendments and I see how far it’s sensible to go. For example clothes made of stretchy plain fabric don’t look good on bigger silhuettes. Maximum version means sizes from 34 to 48 in two depths for stretchy fabrics and 3 dephts for unstretchy ones – this means 16 and 24 sizes. Sometimes I don’t make all them – I may skip 34 and 48 as there’s not such a high demand for them. I also take other characteristics of feminine body into account, also height. However I’m not able to vary the sizes more I try to make different lenghts of dresses though it’s not easy – means more pieces to sew. Sometimes I make short, limited series of a given model with a given characteristics. However I can’t afford it too often. Generally, the costs of production rise with each additional size – I’m still a small company and I can’t hold big stock either. It’s cheaper to sew one bigger series rather than to sew less pieces several times.

Bra-fitting: How to create so many sizes? Is there a software that allows to do it?

BiuBiu: You mean software for grading and modeling forms and preparing designs. It’s a tool that speeds up and simplifies work of a clothes constructor.

Bra-fitting: Is it possible to recalculate breasts sizes too?

BiuBiu: Unfortunately inputting date other than (so called) standard doesn’t let create a good construction. In order to recalculate clothes for bigger breasts it’s not enough to enter a bigger amount o centimeters (around boobs). It takes a lot of effort to make something that keeps breasts on the front. And the cost of this software with all the additional stuff is gigantic.

Bra-fitting: What about specialists or books?

BiuBiu: Books that teach construction and size charts used by clothes constructors don’t follow the times, they confuse having big breasts with obesity. An extract from such a book:”A way of calculating lenghts and widths of clothes at chest changes when it is over 100cm. It’s a rule that a healthy person reaches a maximum of 100cm around the chest during his/her development by expanding in other places. 100cm around the chest can be found on older people as a result of their being obese. “ Companies that construct clothes base on size charts from such books. Those I asked to help me work out, say, a suit are not able to do it. I thought that specialists with a lot of years of experience would succeed but what they came up with was something that was completely unsuitable to wear. Even though the were working with my size charts and listening to me remarks what they should be careful about (I have big breasts myself). It’s not about enlargening the form in chest area only, the whole construction needs to be changed – this is what they don’t understand. I had to do it all by myself then – long hours of sitting, calculating each design, each size, each element of a top or a dress.

Bra-fitting: Ok. So you do all the calculations by yourself as nobody is really knowledgable about it. You did it and you to a sewing work room and…?

BiuBiu: And there they look at me as if I were an idiot:”But how can it be like that? So narrow on the back and so much on the front? Who will buy such a thing? So many sizes? No, we won’t sew for you” or “well, yes, but it will be more expensive” It just shows how deeply ingrained some habits are – better to sew a lot of simple things as it’s faster and easier, and the fact that such clothes don’t really fit women is not important. Apart from that they only accept big comissions – don’t make small amounts. I’ve often heard:”dear lady, such things can be only individually tailor made”.

Bra-fitting: I know that even girls with small breasts complain about the lack of space in clothes at chest area. Big breasts don’t fit at all, the tops simply ride up over the navel, small breasts get flattened. I sometimes think a lot of companies make the front the same as the back with the exception of a neck shape…

BiuBiu: I already heard comments like:” We sew clothes for export to Germany or France and the front is always similar to the back. Who ever saw such a narrow back??? Didn’t you make a mistake with it?” No, I didn’t.

Now we’re passing to another “untypical” business behaviour.

2.BiuBiu produces in Europe. You could say, that in times when papers are full of news about companies that are moving/have moved their factories and production to the Third World countries, it is untypical. It’s true that those that move will earn more money, at least momentarily. However, it simply resembles a financial pyramide – they earn more money fast but later on we all lose on this.

3.BiuBiu doesn’t economize on fabrics either and proves that we don’t have to buy poor quality things or less or pay half a salary for a shirt to get a good quality product.

Bra-fitting: How is it possible that all the tops I have from you are still in unaltered shape even though I use them everyday while clothes from networks often: shrink after washing or vice versa, lose colour and start looking like rags?

BiuBiu: It’s a question of approach to a customer. Networks want to buy cheap and sell with a big profit. They demand lowest prices from producers, they in turn, cut these costs by buying cheap fabrics and comissioning sewing in Asia. It affects the quality. When I created BiuBiu I wanted the clothes not only to fit well, I wanted high quality too. That’s why I go to fabric wholesalers and factories myself, I inspect and check each roll of fabric – quality, who produced it, if it doesn’t contain toxic additives. I already have formed some opinions about many of them. I know quite a lot is of really good quality and I can be sure a blouse or a dress made from these will be enjoyed by my customers for a long time. Even threads that I use are “trusworthy” and have all the certificates that the’re not toxic. And I don’t comission sewing to unknown sewing work rooms in cheap countries. Everything is sewn in in my country.

You could probably understand the former points if these clothes were accordingly priced – meaning expensive. But they’re not.

4.BiuBiu’s prices are at an average (network) level.

BiuBiu: Small companies can have lower prices as they don’t spend a fortune on adverising. They simply don’t have money for it but try to do their best and produce the best products they can. Unfortunately it’s the companies that sew for peanuts from cheap fabrics in 3rd World countries, make big advertising compaigns etc, that sell a lot.

To cap it off I’ll tell you a real story – a lot of years ago my husband found fantastic shoes, impossible to wear off , at a very reasonable price. After a few years, when he came back to buy another pair – the brand no longer existed. If he had told some friends about it during that time, then perhaps the brand would still have been there… This is why I’m dedicating this article to BiuBiu.

BiuBiu proves that it is possible. Possible to sew more than 5 sizes, possible to include different breasts sizes, possible to sew in your own country, possible to use good quality fabrics and not charge a fortune for clothes made of them.


Boob-friendly swimwear

Last time I came down like a ton of bricks on swimwear that we can find in most shops, saying its size range is not sufficient to cover the variety our bodies can have.  Bikini tops (or swimsuits) that come in bra sizes (all of them) do make a difference  – have you read How to look good in underwear?”  That is why I’d like to show you what you can wear on the beach and be much more  comfortable and better looking.

Let’s start the ball rolling with the triangle tops – almost the most popular type of beachwear. Do they exist in bra sizes? I have to admit that an hour search through Figleaves and Bravissimo didn’t bring any results… The only bikinis that I found in this style come in clothes range of sizes (XS-XL)…  Frankly speaking I’m a bit surprised at this because as far as I remember last summers’ collections did have several pieces like that . (Did you see any wire-free triangle bikini tops in bra sizes in this season’s collections?)  However, even the one shown in the link wasn’t available in full range of sizes, you could only get it  from 30 to 38 D to F cup. As you probably remember from collages I showed here, D to F cups don’t really represent gigantic boobs, in combinations with smaller bands they can be even called small… Can the reason for not introducing this style into this summer collections be the fact that it doesn’t really give a fantastic support and also the fact that they are only good for slim girls with relatively small breasts? (I already mentioned in the previous article why it’s not really advisable for bigger busted and/or plumper women). So, if  triangles like this are not really available what else do we have there?

What about tailored type of triangles – halterneck style, also unwired, slightly padded for extra support? You can find a lot tops like that from Freya and a few other brands. Freyas this style are available from 30-38 D-F, although 38 only comes with D and DD cups. Midnight Grace and Zoggs come a little further there as one provides cups and bands from 30-36 D-FF (0ne cup more, one band size less) and Zoggs Sandon bikini top still can be purchased to H cup (although only with 32 back size, and the stock is already low).

As you see, tailored cups already increase the range of size, not by much, but it’s always something. What more do we get if we add underwires to the tailored cups? Triangle halterneck underwired bikini tops, these go up to GG, or even HH cups. Here you can say:” HH means quite big breast even with small back size. How can these girls wear halternecks? They are so uncomfortable and dig into the neck”. You are right about the size, but not about the comfort – properly fitted halternecks don’t do any discomfort to  your necks as most of the weight of the breasts is supported by the band.

The above photo shows halternecks from Freya, Panache, Fantasie.

If you like showing a lot of cleavage you can also find something for you as there are plunge bikinis for slightly larger breasts – such as this one  – up to a G cup. Mind you,  they are usually ligtly padded so getting it dry after a swim in the sea may take a little time…  Unpadded ones are available too.  If you’re an owner of (relatively) big boobs you can still show cleavage and wear plunges – a Polish brand of Effuniak just introduced 3 padded plunges into her shop – and the cup sizes there go up to LL. It’s just too bad that the website is not available in English yet…  The Effuniaks are at the moment the best constructed bras on the Polish market, some of the costumers that bought plunge bras from winter collection even nicknamed them elevator for the breasts” – see why – 80(36)L …

Another type of bikini which I’d like to show is a bandeau. According to some Lobbyists this style is quite dangereous – not everybody looks good in it (even if it’s good size), it may: make your breasts look smaller and your hips look larger and more masculine and emphasize even a little unfirmness in your breasts. There a quite a lot of celebreties that proved this fact (check out link 1, link 2, link 3, link 4) although in their case it’s also the fact that these bras are really badly fitted. The lobbyists’s  advice is – you can wear it if your figure resembles an hourglass, it it doesn’t – better choose some other style… Bandeau bikinis made by boob friendly brands have underwires, most of them reach a G cup :

Finally a style that can accomodate even larger breasts – underwired balcony bra, some of the models from Panache go up to K cup, though quite a lot of them are already sold out (it just shows that that sizes like these ARE bought by women). From what I’m browsing now I see that owners of H+ breast will already have some difficulties buying their size, fancier styles are mostly gone, you can still choose from simpler designs like Geneva (there’s also a red one in Figleaves though many sizes are now gone), there an Amalfi in Figleaves – and still a few of HH or J cups there… Freya didn’t do especially well in this segment this year as most of their “larger cups” go only up to HH (though I must admit they are quite tight and supportive ( already bought one, so it’s my own experience), so you may just choose a slightly looser band a fiddle around with a needle and thread…).

For those if you who like sunbathing but don’t want to show your tummies all the time there’s tankini. You want to tan – just fold it up, you want to walk along the beach and hide some unwanted folds – just roll it down. They are available in halternecks – just like this one – up to an H cup,  balcony style , wire free triangles etc.

And finally – swimsuits in bra sizes, with quite some variations on the top – you can get bandeau, halternecks, balconies, sports swimsuits – which are also available to H cup ( so you don’t have to put on a flattening tube and not look your best)… Figleaves also has quite a big selection of them – even too big – it’s easy to get confusud… I may just suggest sticking to boob friendly brands – those that don’t mark their swimwear as XS, S, M etc – check out: Fantasie, Freya, Panache, Shock Absorber… (seems like I really narrowed the amount of swimsuits….)

As you see I did most of my browsing in just two e-stores – Figleaves (that’s where all the photos come from) and Bravissimo, but there are many others online shops with lingerie and costumes, you don’t need to buy there. I’m not even mentioning British Ebay which is a deep goldmine of lingerie and swimwear in all sizes, quite often at bargain prices. Bargain prices… Well, I like buying on sales too, but in case of popular sizes they are gone quite fast and don’t last till sales:( If you wear 30-32G/GG whereabouts  it’s better to hurry, I noticed these get sold out the fastest… As for the Polish shop of Effuniak – if you’re interested, just write to them asking for directions how to order and how to measure yourselfs (there’s a “special” way for Effuniak bras) etc.

To cap it off I appeal to you – don’t maltreat your breasts on the beach with clothes sized bikinis! Your boobs are worth a better treatment.

Spring and summer 2010 bra collections… Freya

Another brand that produces full range of sizes is Freya – their bras are always very colorful and feminine. This spring and summer collection is not an exception from this rule… Personally I would like to buy at least half of it for myself:) For example these ones…:

Dear ladies, meet Frankie and Saffy. Both these of these bras available from 30-38 and D-GG cups. Aren’t they nice and colourful? You just think of summer looking at them:)  Styles available to J cup are Arabella – this season’s colour is cassis (apart from base black and other colours that still can be  bought on British ebay), and Jolie. Freya makes also some styles of bras to G cups only – like this lightly padded half cup – Summer ( available too in soft version to GG cup). And here this company deserves a big kick in the ass – why only up to G(G)? If you can make Arabella or other styles up to J, why not these ones??? 

These are not the only styles available for this spring and summer, for more check out Freya website . Other styles that are also worth attention as they are recommended for “beginners” as a “first good size bra” are Pollyanna (black, white, caramel) and Rio (black, white, beige, red).  These basic bras are available for example in Bravissimo, British Ebay and a lot of other online lingerie stores.

What do you think? Don’t you just want to buy some of them (at least)?;)

The photographs come from Freya website.

Spring and summer 2010 bra collections – Curvy Kate

What I would like to do today is to show you some more bras that are available in full range of sizes. Quite some of  brands that do produce them, also make them look real nice and sexy,  not like “grandmam’s” bras -as for example a Doreen that has been named the ugliest “horse collar” (not even a bra) in the lingerie world.  The colours available are not limited to “traditional trinity” of black, white and beige either…

The second  brand (after Panache, which wasn’t perhaps that nice…mmmm, maybe apart from Cleo and Masquerade) I’d like to show you is Curvy Kate – as they say “beautiful bras for a fuller bust” that are available  DD-J cups and with back sizes from a 28-40.  Their previous collections were full of lacy bras in “all colours of a rainbow”  (blue, purple, navy, brown, coral, cream, fuchsia) – some of them are even still available in the bra outlet of Brastop or on British Ebay;)  This spring/summer collection also brings a lot of colourful lingerie.  See for yourselves:

This range of sizes of Curvy Kate goes from 28-40 back and DD-J cup. Showgirl bras are lightly padded and the sizes available go from 28-30 DD-J, 32DD-HH,  34DD-H, 36DD-GG and 38DD-G.  I recently became a happy owner of navy/coral  Ella and two Showgirls – black and yellow Tease me and fuchsia Thrill me. They are just beautifull…:)))) My bramaniac soul is very happy about them:)))  A little tip for you here though – Thrill Me requires very careful adjusting when you put it on – make sure the wires are just under your breast, and that there’s no empty space on the bottom of the cups etc. This is a half cup and some breasts may look like a ski-jump if you don’t put in on properly;)

If you want to check out some of these bras for yourselves, go to Dama de Copas, they carry the brand. If  you can’t go, then you can shop online in Lovebras – they still have quite a lot of the collection left, I admit though that some sizes are already sold out…:(   Here I’d also like to say a few word about prices of bras, just passed through a Triumph shop tonight and was a bit shocked.  I don’t want to swear here (and I wouldn’t like you to do it either when you comment on anything) but the only words that come to my mind are: “#*@#*  is this???!!!  This crap is 50-60Euros???!!!”  In comparison, the cost of a bra from the current collection Curvy Kate  is  26-28 British pounds plus shipping (online stores). The ones that are already onsale are between 13 and 19 British pounds… The price of a bra at Dama de Copas is about 40 E  (and remember that Ines and Margarida provide you with a service of brafitting that can take up to one hour)… Why is anybody still buying bras at Triumph and other places like that???

Collections, collections… Panache

So, what can you put on your boobs? What are the brands that produce so “huge” bras that can accommodate G, H or K cups with wahtever band???    The brand I would like to introduce to you today is Panache – British company that produces bras in full range of sizes, with cups from D to K and back sizes from 28 to 40. They are also planning to introduce a line of bras for very small breasts – Panache Atlantis. As they say on their website: “Atlantis offers solution products for the smaller bust. This liquid filled collection is exclusively designed for cup sizes A-DD. Atlantis promises to increase the appearance of the bust by a whole cup size and has recently been revolutionised with new shapes and technology, proving that Panache’s expertise can reach beyond the D plus market”. We can only hope that these cups will be accompanied by 28 and 30 bands, as the market is already full of 32-38 A-DD bras…

The first line I’d want to speak about is Panache Superbra. In this line, virtually each bra goes from D to K cup. The back sizes also come in full range – from 28 to 40. One of their most popular bras from this line is Tango Balconnet (also available in plunge). This everyday basic bra comes in four colours at the moment (black, white, beige, red), you can also find some purple ones on sale in Bravissimo. While I admit that it’s not one of the most beautiful bras ever made, it’s recommended as a “starter” bra for women and girls who have  just discovered their real size and how a bra should fit them.  Other styles fom Superbra, IMHO much nicer than Tango, are Ariza and Eliza – 30-40 D-K. You can buy Eliza in ivory, black or pink,  Bravissimo still has some cobalt blue ones on sale either. If you browse through British ebay you can also find some teal, chocolate, purple or fuchsia ones from older collections. Ariza’s available in white, black and peach at the moment. Bravissimo also has a mulburry one, and browsing through ebay can show you that older collections had a lot of other colours – such as light aqua, teal and gold or ivory and peach… One thing that I would like to “warn” you about concerning these two styles, is that starting from GG, it starts to have an additional layer of fabric on the cups,which means they stop to be half sheer…:( Apparently Panache still doesn’t know that 30GG or 28H are not really such breasts that they require additional amount of fabric… Fortunately, this can be solved quite easily if you just have scissors and you’re determined enough:) Actually, even if you cut off the entire double layer and leave Eliza or Ariza completely sheer they still provide good support. However, it is possible to find a Panache bra that is still semi sheer at GG or even H cup (supposedly) … I’m talking about  Confetti 28-38 D-K. You can choose from black and white, mind you, there are also Confetti thong bodies (28-38 D-H), Confetti strapless as well as Confetti basques 28-38 D-G. Browsing through lingerie stores and ebay you may also come across black and gold Confetti isn’t it nice? I have it:).  Another interesting bra from Panache is Evie (black, ivory and nude) – the only strapless bra available up to H cup at the moment. Even though (as you see) it’s built up a bit too high at the central gore (which excludes low cleavage), it provides a good support and until Effuniak comes up with her strapless bras, Evie is the only possibility for G+ women to wear strapless tops.

The other line I would like to introduce to you is Cleo by Panache. Compared with Superbra this line is much more colourful and lively (just like Freya). If you like sunny colours, for sure you’ll love this buttermilk George which is also available in violet/pink at Bravissimo. E-bay browsing can also show you colours from last season – coral, green, white/tourquise. What about a Frances bra with these beautiful, girly multicolor flowers? And just to remind you that these balconet styles come from 28 -38(40) D-J cups. There are also other styles from this brand such as a plunge and padded bras, though they are not available in such a wide range of sizes. For example,  Jamie comes only from 28 to 38 back size and from D to H cup and Jo is avaiable from 28-38 D-G only:(

And finally the line of padded bras from Masquerade – bandeaus, half-cups, plunges. Most of these bras give your boobs a shape of “apples in a basket” and are high on the wish list of a lot of bramaniacs. Both this year and this year this brand  came on top in “Sexiest bra of the year” contest, where bramaniacs vote and choose the most tempting bra of a given year. Last year the voting brought big victory to Antoinette in D-G category – first free places were occupied by 3 colour versions of this  bra… Just to mention, 4th place was Masquerade Coquette and 6th place is Masquerade Hestia.    This year Masquerade bras also won in A-D category – first place belonged to a tourquise Georgiana, in DD-G you could find Maia, Georgiana and Antoinette (again). However it wasn’t as staggering as a year ago…   Do I need to add here that older styles are available on British Ebay?

2100 collection of Masquerade  also has Georgiana – this time in orange (I confess, I feel tempted…, my other orange bra is already too small for me due to migration(I assume you read the brafitting know how section and you know what migration is)).  Edit: latest news(09.04) – there’s another colour of Georgiana on Bravissimo (got an impression it’s exclusive for them only) – green apple… It’s just cute:)))    Another bra from this collecion that I’m trying ro resist to buy is Inca  an almost perfect beige bra if it wasn’t for a pattern (according to some of bramaniac)…  You get Maia too, which comes in tourquise this spring and summer… and a plunge bra of Estepona in green-grey-white and several others which you can see at Masquerade website. A little snag at the end – bras in this line only goes up to a G cup (from D) and band sizes come from 28-38. And now good news – starting next year Masquerade is going to be produced in G+ <yes yes yes>  – finally our prayers were heard…;)

Photographs of the new collection come from Superbra, Cleo and Masquerade websites. Photographs of older styles were taken from various merchans  on Ebay. Photos of “sexiest bra contest” come from Stanikomania.

Shopping for bras… online

Edit 16.02.2011: I remove info about the bra shop in Lisbon – they are now my competition, and even though most women here still wear incorrect sizes, so you could say the market is big enough, I have to protect my business too.

Meanwhile… Even if the shop the name of which I don’t want to mention here again seems to be the one and only shop that provides the brafitting service and full range of sizes and obviously they won’t be able to help all women that need it, I want to convince you today that shopping online is fun. Yes, it is:) Believe me:) I do 95% of my clothes purchases and 99% of my bra purchases through the Internet. I virtually stopped shopping in “normal” stores – I just don’t see anything interesting there…

And this is the reason no 1: you have much bigger choice of things when you shop online, you are not limited to the (often) poor offer of shops around you. You just sit comfortably in front of your computer (with something to munch on and drink:)) and just do your browsing and choosing. In case of shopping for bras you don’t have to listen to stupid remarks of shop assistants who claim your size doesn’t exist, you just go to any of the stores from the link list on the right or to the British Ebay… (btw, none of these shops pays me for advertisement – I just do my own shopping in some of them, quite often actually).

Here, you may start complaining – “Oh, I could never buy without trying on first”. Well, it’s not really like this. If you buy online, you can always return the thing – it’s the law. So, you buy a bra (or whatever other product), receive it, try it on at home, without any hurry (no crowd of other customers waiting for you to vacate the trying room). You can see what it looks like with different tops and blouses, you can do the crush test too;)… Then, if it fits well and you like it, you keep it. It doesn’t fit, you don’t like it, something’s wrong with it – you just fill in the return form, pack the product and send it back. Easy and not really bothersome…:) Just remember – don’t remove the labels;)

Payment. Again some of you may be concerned about the safety of transactions. But, as the amount of online sales is growing, the security of such transactions also improves (otherwise nobody would buy anything). During the 4 years of my online purchases, I have never had any problem with it – and I shop a lot like this. However, if you still don’t feel convinced that giving your credit/debit card number online is safe, you can choose PayPal to pay for your online shopping. It’s easy and comfortable, you just connect it to your credit card or to you bank account (then all you need to do is to transfer money from your bank account to your PayPal account). Actually, you do need PayPal to do your shopping on Ebay. Quite some bra shops from my list also accept it (for example: Lovebras, Brastop, Figleaves). If you don’t have a credit card you can still shop online – a lot of European(British) online brashops accept Visa Electron and Maestro cards too.

What other reasons for online shopping do you need? Thanks to the net the world is open for you. Just use the opportunites it gives.

Shopping for bras… part 2

When you shop for bras and you know your real size it’s usually very hard to find it in average lingerie shops. In most cases you just suffer from the ignorance and incompetence of shop assistants. So, are you really doomed to wearing incorrect sizes or buying bras online? (BTW, this is something I want to write about too – try to convince you to use Internet to shop for lingerie, you can expect the one of next articles to be about it). Well, it doesn’t seem that bad… A friend of mine who knows of my interests in bras, has just told me that she had seen an advertisement of a lingerie store with full range of sizes and brafitting. The shop is situated here in Lisbon, so obviously you can expect me to go and investigate for you;) And of course I’ll tell you the results – if the store is really as well stocked as it should be and if the staff’s knowledge of brafitting is more than satisfactory.

I must admit I won’t be very surprised if the owner turns out to have “originated” from bra-fitting forums, any of them… And I really would like it to meet our needs and pass “our brafitting test”… There are at least several bras from Freya spring/summer collection that I would like to buy…;)  If they had them in stock I could try them on befere buying instead of ordering online and then sending them back if they were not fitting well…

Will it become a new arrow on our bra-map of the world??? I’m planning to go there this Saturday to check it out for you (and for me too), so you can expect another article about the results of the investigation or Sunday or Monday…:)