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Boob-friendly swimwear

Last time I came down like a ton of bricks on swimwear that we can find in most shops, saying its size range is not sufficient to cover the variety our bodies can have.  Bikini tops (or swimsuits) that come in bra sizes (all of them) do make a difference  – have you read How to look good in underwear?”  That is why I’d like to show you what you can wear on the beach and be much more  comfortable and better looking.

Let’s start the ball rolling with the triangle tops – almost the most popular type of beachwear. Do they exist in bra sizes? I have to admit that an hour search through Figleaves and Bravissimo didn’t bring any results… The only bikinis that I found in this style come in clothes range of sizes (XS-XL)…  Frankly speaking I’m a bit surprised at this because as far as I remember last summers’ collections did have several pieces like that . (Did you see any wire-free triangle bikini tops in bra sizes in this season’s collections?)  However, even the one shown in the link wasn’t available in full range of sizes, you could only get it  from 30 to 38 D to F cup. As you probably remember from collages I showed here, D to F cups don’t really represent gigantic boobs, in combinations with smaller bands they can be even called small… Can the reason for not introducing this style into this summer collections be the fact that it doesn’t really give a fantastic support and also the fact that they are only good for slim girls with relatively small breasts? (I already mentioned in the previous article why it’s not really advisable for bigger busted and/or plumper women). So, if  triangles like this are not really available what else do we have there?

What about tailored type of triangles – halterneck style, also unwired, slightly padded for extra support? You can find a lot tops like that from Freya and a few other brands. Freyas this style are available from 30-38 D-F, although 38 only comes with D and DD cups. Midnight Grace and Zoggs come a little further there as one provides cups and bands from 30-36 D-FF (0ne cup more, one band size less) and Zoggs Sandon bikini top still can be purchased to H cup (although only with 32 back size, and the stock is already low).

As you see, tailored cups already increase the range of size, not by much, but it’s always something. What more do we get if we add underwires to the tailored cups? Triangle halterneck underwired bikini tops, these go up to GG, or even HH cups. Here you can say:” HH means quite big breast even with small back size. How can these girls wear halternecks? They are so uncomfortable and dig into the neck”. You are right about the size, but not about the comfort – properly fitted halternecks don’t do any discomfort to  your necks as most of the weight of the breasts is supported by the band.

The above photo shows halternecks from Freya, Panache, Fantasie.

If you like showing a lot of cleavage you can also find something for you as there are plunge bikinis for slightly larger breasts – such as this one  – up to a G cup. Mind you,  they are usually ligtly padded so getting it dry after a swim in the sea may take a little time…  Unpadded ones are available too.  If you’re an owner of (relatively) big boobs you can still show cleavage and wear plunges – a Polish brand of Effuniak just introduced 3 padded plunges into her shop – and the cup sizes there go up to LL. It’s just too bad that the website is not available in English yet…  The Effuniaks are at the moment the best constructed bras on the Polish market, some of the costumers that bought plunge bras from winter collection even nicknamed them elevator for the breasts” – see why – 80(36)L …

Another type of bikini which I’d like to show is a bandeau. According to some Lobbyists this style is quite dangereous – not everybody looks good in it (even if it’s good size), it may: make your breasts look smaller and your hips look larger and more masculine and emphasize even a little unfirmness in your breasts. There a quite a lot of celebreties that proved this fact (check out link 1, link 2, link 3, link 4) although in their case it’s also the fact that these bras are really badly fitted. The lobbyists’s  advice is – you can wear it if your figure resembles an hourglass, it it doesn’t – better choose some other style… Bandeau bikinis made by boob friendly brands have underwires, most of them reach a G cup :

Finally a style that can accomodate even larger breasts – underwired balcony bra, some of the models from Panache go up to K cup, though quite a lot of them are already sold out (it just shows that that sizes like these ARE bought by women). From what I’m browsing now I see that owners of H+ breast will already have some difficulties buying their size, fancier styles are mostly gone, you can still choose from simpler designs like Geneva (there’s also a red one in Figleaves though many sizes are now gone), there an Amalfi in Figleaves – and still a few of HH or J cups there… Freya didn’t do especially well in this segment this year as most of their “larger cups” go only up to HH (though I must admit they are quite tight and supportive ( already bought one, so it’s my own experience), so you may just choose a slightly looser band a fiddle around with a needle and thread…).

For those if you who like sunbathing but don’t want to show your tummies all the time there’s tankini. You want to tan – just fold it up, you want to walk along the beach and hide some unwanted folds – just roll it down. They are available in halternecks – just like this one – up to an H cup,  balcony style , wire free triangles etc.

And finally – swimsuits in bra sizes, with quite some variations on the top – you can get bandeau, halternecks, balconies, sports swimsuits – which are also available to H cup ( so you don’t have to put on a flattening tube and not look your best)… Figleaves also has quite a big selection of them – even too big – it’s easy to get confusud… I may just suggest sticking to boob friendly brands – those that don’t mark their swimwear as XS, S, M etc – check out: Fantasie, Freya, Panache, Shock Absorber… (seems like I really narrowed the amount of swimsuits….)

As you see I did most of my browsing in just two e-stores – Figleaves (that’s where all the photos come from) and Bravissimo, but there are many others online shops with lingerie and costumes, you don’t need to buy there. I’m not even mentioning British Ebay which is a deep goldmine of lingerie and swimwear in all sizes, quite often at bargain prices. Bargain prices… Well, I like buying on sales too, but in case of popular sizes they are gone quite fast and don’t last till sales:( If you wear 30-32G/GG whereabouts  it’s better to hurry, I noticed these get sold out the fastest… As for the Polish shop of Effuniak – if you’re interested, just write to them asking for directions how to order and how to measure yourselfs (there’s a “special” way for Effuniak bras) etc.

To cap it off I appeal to you – don’t maltreat your breasts on the beach with clothes sized bikinis! Your boobs are worth a better treatment.

Sunbathing versus bouncing and unsupported breasts

The weather’s getting better and better, another sunbathing season is starting… Well, it means that quite soon beaches everywhere will be full of women in badly fitted bikinis and swimming suits (and every time I see one I just feel sorry for her boobs, as usual). In this blog I continuously emphasize what a good size of everyday bra, sports bra or in this case bikini can do for your comfort and better looks. I’m going to do it this time too…

To start with, let’s look at what’s available in most shops, I did a round of snooping at Colombo. Well, what you can get are colorful, fance, nice looking bikinis in Calcedonia, H&M and other networks… But as usual, the sizes available are XS -XL (or 1-5(6) in Calcedonia), or 70 -85 A-D, sometimes E… Most of the time it’s even possible to buy a bikini top and bottom separately. Finally it seems that manufacturers noticed that having small boobs doesn’t necessarily mean having small ass or vice versa. So this is definitely a change for the better. But there’s still a problem with the top sizing – the available range doesn’t really cover the variaty of feminine bodies. Even if a given top can be tied at the back – so you can adjust it as you want, it won’t  look good on every woman. Especially if you have bigger breasts and/or more fat on your frame and a given  top consists of a string with two triangles, just tying it up tightly won’t give you the required support – as a thin string is too frail for that, it will only make you look like a ham. You need a band that is wider and more stable, one that won’t press to much into your body. And what is absolutely necessary for  bikini tops, is to have the same range of sizes as for everyday bras.

Here you can say: “Oh come on, I don’t need such a supportive bra on a  beach. The only thing I do there is lie on my towel and sunbathe (stroll along, swim etc)”. Well, I must admit there was a time when I thought the same even though I already had correctly fitting everyday bras. I assumed then that a nice, XL bikini in all colours of the rainbow would be enough… I was wrong:(  Actually it was a terrible experience. I’m not a really active person on a beach but despite that I somethimes want to move my ass from a deck chair, go and take a swim then come back, lie down again. I was already used to the comfort and stability of my everyday bras and I knew I could do everything while wearing them as my breasts were staying inside so when I suddenly couldn’t   move, bend down or do anything without my breasts falling out of the bikini, it was a huge disappointment.  And my looks were terrible – I looked as if I had had four boobs instead of just two:( I promised myself then never to buy again anything like models on the photo below are wearing. Btw, you would expect that celebrities and models know how to choose a well fitting bra, this colage shows it’s not like that, and if you browse through the net you will find more without many difficulties

The discomfort and awareness of looking bad are not worth wearing the fanciest or  the most beautiful bikini from a latest collection from any designer. Even if it had diamonds on it.

The photos of models in badly fitted bikinis come from beyondhollywood.com