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Soutienocracia is already open

I would like to invite everybody to my shop which is already open.  I received the first shipment of bras – 5 models from spring/summer collection of Curvy Kate. Princess in beige and pink, Emily in black and tourquise, Tease me in black/almond. I’m still waiting to receive a coral Thrill me and Elegance in ivory, but they should be here on Friday at the latest. So, at the moment and have almost 76 sizes in stock, and I’m going to have more after I receive Effuniaks.

How to buy from me? Anybody here from Braga, Portugal? Yup, the shop is located there, at the moment in my house:) Sorry for not having a proper stationary store, but I simply prefer to invest money into stock to give you more choice rather than  pay the rent and the cost of furnishing it and also employing somebody to help me (however I know that I won’t be able to escape this “fate” in the future). So anybody living in Braga(land) can come and try on bras and of course buy them:) In order to do it  it’s advisable to make an appointment by calling 91 020 3194 or writing to , I’m sure you can understand why it’s better to do it… Apart from all sizes of bras I guarantee additional attractions – namely 5 feline ones. Eeeeverybody loves them. But if you’re allergic, just notify me about it in advance, I will isolate the cats and air the “shop room”.

The other way of selling I’m offering is  a “bra-home-party” at a customer’s apartment. We simply arrange a date that is conveniant for both of us and you  invite a few of your girlfriends (and/or female members of your family) to your home for coffee and gossip, I come too with a big suitcase or two full of bras. There we sit, chat, you try on bras (and buy them of course) and we generally have a good time. As far as the number of women at the event is concerned, well, as they say – the more the merrier:) However,  more women to fit into a good size of a bra means more time that the party will take. The optimum number is 10, more or less.  It’s also advisable to provide me with the frame and bust measurements of the participants. Unfortunately all the bras that I will have in stock won’t fit into 2 suitcases, I would need several more… So we need to limit the number of lingerie to be carried to the event to the general area of the size that should fit you. Inside Braga this type of service is free, outside I have to ask you to cover the cost of relocating to the event. I suppose, after dividing the cost of it into 10 people it will be less the the shipping…

And finally Soutiencracia is going to sell online. The website is under construction, it should be ready more or less in March… 

Ps. Come to my Soutienocracia Facebook profile too.