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Plastic surgery – is it worth the bother?

Which of us haven’t ever done anything to improve our looks by buying cosmetics, spending fortunes on clothes or hairdressers etc? Can any of us say that she has never tried to boost her mood and self by buying a new dress or going to a beautician or whatever? But what are the limits of improving our bodies? Is having a part of your body cut off in the name of conforming to more or less realistic norm of looks really reasonable??? Shopping for clothes is fun and relaxing (for most of us) and it only drains our wallets. We can remove the make up, hair can regrow but our breasts won’t… These issues have been on and off on bra-fitting communies, and recently there have been new threads about them so I decided to share our thoughts here.

We are surrounded and constantly bombarded by images of perfect bodies, complexions, breasts. They look at us from covers of magazines. This can and does make a lot of us feel inferior, a lot of women try everything to look exactly like these models. But are these looks real? A great number of women seem to forget that these looks are achieved by photoshop. In reality nobody’s skin is unblemished, and nobody’s body or face are perfect. The same applies to breasts, yet the media and a lobby of plastic surgeons are trying to make everybody conform to some ideal shape and size by encoding in our minds the following message: your breasts are small, you have to have them enlarged because larger is sexy and nice, you have (naturally) big breasts – well, you have a big problem, it’s a pathology, you need to have them reduced”.

While it can’t be denied that a problem of having really large breasts exists – its cause is an illness called macromastia or gigantomastia, a lot of plastic surgeons overuse this reason to make their customer believe her large breasts are pathological and need to be reduced. Just like this woman  did – I found this photograph while I was googling for images of hypertophic breasts…  And the point is that her breasts before are just average, looking like 30GG-H(H) whereabouts which is quite a popular size. This is a real case of hypertrophy of breasts, in such cases a surgical intervention is necessery. Or another one – like this.  

It’s astonishing how we can be manipulated into believing that it’s our bodies that are to blame, not a wrong size or cut of bra, clothes, shoes. If only women like the one form the above link had got a proper bra-fitting (almost) all their problems associated with big breasts would have disappeared. If all of them could get their bra with a band that supports breasts and cups that are big enough, instead of believing their D(D)(D) cups with whatever band are the biggest they can get – as you already know sizes like 30J or 32K do exist. An instantaneous change in looks that a women undergoes when she finally gets a well fitting bra does wonders to self. You just suddenly stop having a complex of having big, unshapely, ugly breast – it turns into – “I have gorgeous tits – I could look at their reflection in the mirror for hours” (you remember the article about “what a proper size did for me” – if you don’t – read it again). And all this for much less money, without the risk of post operation complications.

Is it because plastic surgeons don’t want to lose a source of easy income? I got exactly this impression waching this video. A woman who used to wear an uncomfortable and unspupportive 38DDD gets fitted into a 34H, everything seems fine, it’s explained what a good bra does to the breasts etc until a man (a surgeon?) at the 5:42 starts speaking. He says: “ I think your body is telling your breasts are a little too big for the rest of your body, that’s why it’s so hard to fit.” etc. This is outrageous, how dare he he say something like that to a woman with a comletely normal and average body and breasts? Where the hell, does he see lack of proportions? How can he suggest reduction if back pain continues? As if having breasts were the only cause of having back pain! Then why men do suffer from it too? Why strenghtening of the core muscles wasn’t suggested? I sincerely wish this woman and also many others luck – ladies, don’t get taken in by this kind of talk!  Each of us is different, the world doesn’t need to be full of identical plastic barbie dolls.

To sum up and boost your mood I’ll tell you how to properly do a pencil test for your breasts, it goes like that – “stand naked in front of your naked man, if his pencil starts pointing at you, you just passed it”;) (by turzyca)