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How to use Balkonetka’s catalogue?

You probably remember one of the Polish portals about brafitting – Balkonetka, I described it once. Today I’d like to give you some instructions how to use its catalogue – add your own photos etc.  It’s amazing how big it became over this year or so. And how all the women there are really friendly, tolerant and kind to  each other. We know nobody’s perfect, so nobody’s body/boobs gets criticized, we tend to limit their comments to the bras that are shown. And even if somebody’s body/breasts gets a comment, it’s a good one. We don’t allow criticizing just for the sake of criticizing and getting somebody upset about it.  I’d really like you to be able to  share this atmosphere and use this great tool of catalogue too. Can Balkonetka’s catalogue become international?  It’s up to you…

How to Register:

Whenever you open the homesite of Balkonetka there’s a log in/register field to click on in the right top corner – after you click register you get the above picture. Just fill in, accept the regulations (they get fairly adequately translated by Live Search, in my opinion they are understandable, if in doubt write to mauzonka@gazeta.pl or ask on Balkonetka’s Facebook site). After registration you get an email from Balkonetka with a link to click to confirm your registration. If you are already registered and just come back to the website, just click log in and you get this:

Straightforward enough so far?

Ok. After you register you can fill in your profile:

Next to the position “how many babies have you nursed” there are options: Nie karmilam (didn’t nurse any) and numbers, you just choose whichever refers to you. A bit lower there’s also a question if you’re a man (mężczyzna) or a woman (kobieta)… Btw, I don’t think there are any man at Balkonetka… It’s not as they could find much of interest for themselves on the website. The breasts that are shown in the catalogue are dressed in bras, photographs are anonymous as you don’t show your face… You can change your settings in the profile with an edit function, change the password or even remove the account at all.

We are getting close to one of the most important functions – adding your bra purchases to the catalogue. To do it, you just need to click onto Twoja Szuflada (Your drawer) on the black menu on the top of the page. Your drawer will contain all your uploaded purchases, it will be visible to anybody who chooses to click onto your nickname. You click Twoja Szuflada and you get this view:

After that you click “Add a new item to the catalogue (Dodaj nowa rzecz do katalogu):

You upload a photo – mind you, one only so it’s better to put several together in Photoshop, Paint, Gimp or whatever other graphic programme, fill in the required fields, click Dodaj (Add) – and done:)  Other Balkonetka users can see what you bought and comment or advise you about it. I suggest using English in your descriptions. It seems to be the most popular and you’ll probably get the biggest feedback… I don’t guarantee you’ll get many responses in other ones…

Sorry for the quality of the images. I haven’t mastered Print Screen yet and I was forced to make photogaphs of the screen… That’s why it doesn’t look as good as it should…

Update:  I was just browsing through Eternal Voyager’s blog. It seems she bit me to writing about Balkonetka’s catalogue… The article’s available  here