From 80C to 70H or why most women still wear bad bra sizes?

Recently when I was browsing through my old photographs I came across one that gave me an idea for this note (and also another one for the other blog). The photo shows me wearing one of my old bras from the times when I wasn’t bra-conscious plus a top (of course:) ). As I still had access to that old top a decided to make another photo, this time in a well fitted bra just to see the difference. Here’s the result:

The old bra is a 80C(36C) from Victoria’s Secret (yes, I used to think that this brand was a bra paradise), the bra that I wear on the right photograph is an Effuniak 70H(32H). There is a difference, isn’t there? And I must say that the old photograph shows me when I was actually 2 kg less than now… And still, a well fitted bra makes me optically lose even more than these two kilos….

And the bad effect you see above is an everyday bread to a lot of women. Big brands as VS, and also media showing incorrect women’s body image are the culprits who force women into believing that a look shown on the pics below is ok.


And mind you, these are photos from VS fashion show, where not everything may happen to be fitted correctly. Even Panache happens to dress their models into bad sizes as kasica shows here. However it seems that VS should learn a lot from Panache about fitting models into lingerie. Other films made by kasica at the shows of spring/summer collection  don’t show too many examples  of bad fit as the one with Masquerade. Victoria’s Secret’s website and catalogues show that they don’t have an idea about how a bra should fit  too. Have a look at some of photos from their website:

Really, a ton of examples of badly fitted bras. And they make the same errors as they did on their show(s) – too wide bands for all these slim girls and too small cups. The problem is that  VS is not the only one providing examples of bad fit for the public.  The internet is full of images of celebs, models and also ordinary women wearing incorrectly fitted lingerie (or clothes that don’t allow enough space for the breasts).

 The garments that the girls above are wearing on their breast can be only called nipple covers… These pieces of cloths don’t deserve the name of a bra.

I must say it seems like a constant fight… To convince all women that don’t know their correct size yet and believe that what they get from big brands is ok…

10 responses to “From 80C to 70H or why most women still wear bad bra sizes?

  1. I can answer for you right now why the Panache models are not wearing the right sizes- it is because Panache (and all companies) only make down to a 28 band size and slender/small framed women (such as the models, and also me, although I am much curvier than them!) need smaller than that- a 26 or 24 band size. Even though I know a lot about bra fitting, my bras look similar because I can’t get the right size. 😦

    • You know, as far as these videos from Panache spring/summer collection show are concerned, the Lobbyist on Stanikomania say a bit differently. The point is – the show took place sometime in the early fall (r even slightly before), it shows the next season’s collection, Panache only had one size in each model, probably in a 32E or 32F, the girls that were modelling them were looking as you could see – quite slim… these were simply not their good band sizes, but there was no choice – other ones were simply not produced yet. The cups were not looking (too) bad though… And from what I hear, some Masquerades are quite stretchy – that’s why you can see those riding up bands on the girls that were showing Lula Mae or Rhea, and Haydee… I just hope Lula Mae’s band doesn’t resemble rubber band too much:( – I’d like to see it my drawer… Some Cleo’s are already said to be more stable and there you don’t already see the signs of too loose bands… All in all, Panache models still are better fitted than VS models…

    • I used to have this problem. Try sewing a seam down each side under the arm or if there is room take off hooking portion of the bra and reattach to make band size smaller. It makes a huge difference. The seams under the arms are faster and easier to do, I would try that first.

      • Some women do have to resort this solution – they have no choice of bras on the market, and ordering online maybe impractical for them for various reasons… but if you can buy your real size why bother with sewing? Unless there’s a model you want to have very very much and it’s not produced in your size (this refers to many D-g range models), so then if you take a band size up you can fiddle a bit with a thread a needle and narrow it down, or just remove some of the elasticityfrom the band to make it hold better. I wouldn’t do it though with a bra that is 2 or 3 band sizes over you should wear… because even the cup shape and proportions change – they are not exactly the same…

  2. Oh, I see now that what I said could have been confusing. Of course Panache is a much better company than Victoria’s Secret. What I meant was that, it would be impossible for many models to wear a perfect fit until companies start making smaller band sizes.

    I agree that companies, especially ones like Panache, should show examples of better fit to women. Even if that meant making a special size for the very slim models. It is even worse when they do not fit the models properly for the product photography, having just one size for the show is understandable. I do wonder why Panache did not choose bigger-busted models?

    Do you think there is a chance some brands will offer smaller band sizes soon? I am 24″ (61CM) underbust, so 28 is still much too big for me.

    What did you mean by this? “as far as these videos from Panache spring/summer collection show are concerned, the Lobbyist on Stanikomania say a bit differently. “

    • I was just refering to what you said at the beginning: “I can answer for you right now why the Panache models are not wearing the right sizes (…)”
      Actually, I think that the models Panache used are quite busty especially compared to all these tall emaciated girls that model “big fashion” – I sometimes watch Fashion Channel when I have my nails done and I just help the feeling that all of them should be immediately taken to a restaurant Brasilian style with all you can eat formula and somebody should watch over them that they really eat a lot(and not puke afterwards).

      As for bands smaller than 28… Well, sometimes I have an impression that it’s better to lobby for bands made of good quality, not too stretchy fabrics. Or fabrics that even if stretched come back to the starting point easily and simply stay stable on your frame… If all of them were like that you’d be able to wear a 28(60) without the need of going down more…

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  6. Just taking the time to get measured by someone who knows makes all the difference – I’d been wearing the wrong size for years. But then you’ve still got the battle of the brands to contend with …

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